Wifi at ALA’s Annual Conference

From ALA’s Conference Services Department:
ALA Conference Services has contracted with the Morial Convention Center to provide free wifi access at the Annual Conference. This access will be available to all registered attendees for the duration of the event. Wifi coverage is available throughout the building with the exception of the exhibit halls.

In order to use the in-house wifi you must have a wifi-enabled device.
Simply open your browser and you will be logged on to the center’s server, and you will then be free to browse just as you would in other public wifi situations.

This service is provided for basic internet use like browsing and checking email. This is not meant for use with VPN or other point-to-point communications.

Wifi internet access is offered “as is” – neither Conference Services nor Datasis can provide technical support for this service.
-posted by Beth Yoke

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  1. Linda Braun [Member]

    This is really great news. It will make blogging the conference – at least for those programs and meetings at the convention center – much more easily accomplished.

  2. Jami Schwarzwalder [Member]

    Will we be able to play with Nintendo DS?

    That would be a great activity.

    Will there be places for bloggers to be able to set up laptops and plug in computers?

  3. Rooms in the convention center where the many programs and presentations will be held vary widely. Some may have easy access to electrical outlets for plugging in computers, and some may not. I would recommend getting to programs early &/or keeping your battery charged. Also, please keep in mind that not all programs are in the convention center. Individual hotels may or may not offer wifi and/or rooms with outlets. -Beth

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