Be sure to welcome new members at the conference

Once again YALSA will have 2 types of general member ribbons at the Annual Conference: just plain ol’ “member” ribbons (orange) and “new member” ribbons (now in peach!). If you happen to see anyone wearing a “new member” ribbon, please be sure to approach them and welcome them. As you well know, the ALA conference can be quite daunting for 1st timers, so anything you do to make newbies feel more relaxed and welcome is greatly appreciated. We now have 5,122 members, which is about 500 more members than we had this time last year.

Also, be on the lookout for new “YALSA Author” ribbons. You can chat with these individuals about how you can get your book published with YALSA. You’re also likely to see “Friend of YALSA” ribbons. Ask these members about why they think making a monetary donation to YALSA is worthwhile, or find out for yourself by going to and clicking on “Give to YALSA” from the left menu.

Thanks for all the hard work you do for YALSA, and we’re excited to be seeing you all in New Orleans! I am in the YALSA office through Tuesday, and Nichole and Esther will be in the office through Wednesday. If you need to find us in the convention center, the ALA/YALSA office area is level 2 in the La Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom.
-Posted by Beth Yoke

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