New Orleans is Ready for ALA!

Hello all,

Well, we are finally getting some rain…so hopefully we can get out of the 100+ year drought…worse drought in New Orleans since record keeping began.

The buzz word in the city is “The librarians are coming!” Taxi drivers are excited and ready…first big convention since Katrina.

The major hotel chains have brought in additional workers from their other properties to make sure we all have a good time. The weather will be hot(as we all know, plus the usual humidity…so bring cool and comfortable clothes).

Starting on Monday, June 19th, the city is suppose to do a major clean-up of the Convention Center area, Central Business District (CBD) and the French Quarter.

New Orleans has come along way since Katrina….especially the areas that ALA will be using. A large part of the city is still a hurricane war torn disaster.

The only other thing I would suggest you bring with you is a supply of patience. Some things move a little slower, make take longer, but the people are more than willing to go out their way to give you a warm welcome. If you need assistance, directions, etc. please ask ’em.

See you this week!

Terry Young
YALSA’s Local Arrangements Chair
-Posted by Beth Yoke from yalsacom

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