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Posted by Linda W. Braun

The other day I was catching up in my podcast listening and My Space came up, once again, on TWIT (This Week in Tech.) The group discussing various technology topics on the show for that week, mentioned that recently there have been a few articles that focus on My Space know longer being considered cool by teenagers.

I thought the group discussing this had an interesting point. They said, that the teens already using My Space would be likely to stay since that is where their friends are. But, they said, pre-teens and early teens who aren’t yet on My Space, and aren’t into the web-based social networking environment yet, will very likely use something else.

So, what is that something else? Anyone have ideas?

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Linda W Braun is a YALSA Past President, the YALSA CE Consultant, and a learning consultant/project management coordinator at LEO: Librarians & Educators Online.
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  1. Jami Schwarzwalder [Member]

    I think that the pre-teens and early teens with use You Tube to do vidcasts, and machinima.
    This group has the potenial to be producers of creative webcontent, if they are exposed to what is available, and have someplace with the software to create their various projects.

    I am glad you listen to TWIT, my husband listens to it regularly. Another similiar podcast is GeekSpeak

  2. mkowalsky [Member]

    I heard some timely p.r. about Tag World . . . good advertising on their part. I’ve heard “TagWorld” and “upstaging” and “MySpace” in the same sentence three or four times. . .on blogs, on television news clips, in print media.

  3. bookkish [Member]

    I’m personally partial to LiveJournal. A lot of teens and young adults interested in writing fanfiction know and use the site. There are also numerous communities for discussions of various anime. I find LJ more appealing than MySpace, as users are allowed space for 6+ icons to better express their thoughts. Security features can be as tight or as loose as the user desires.

  4. Jami Schwarzwalder [Member]

    bookkish, LiveJournal was the first blogging software. I used it in highschool. It is where many twenty somethings have pages, and webcomic artists keep in contact with fans.
    Neither LiveJournal or Myspace will be retire, but the younger teens and tweens will most likely find something new to use.

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