Teen Tech Week 2007: Are you ready to podcast?

In preparation for Teen Tech Week March 4-10, 2007, we would like to take away any trepidation that teen librarians and educators may have about generating a podcast. There are many web sites that will assist with the process, but some of them are so intimidating. Fear no more, one visit to the Teen Tech Week wiki resource page and you will get inspired.

The wiki is chock full of excellent information, like the Podcast Education link where you can listen to samples of student podcasts. You will become a podcast aficionado that in no time you will be able to record, produce and publish your own podcasts in preparation for the launch of TTW 2007. Don’t forget, if you want to add any links to the resource page, please do so.

Visit the Teen Tech Week wiki resource page, and soon you will be podcast savvy, the envy of all of your colleagues and a hit among of your Teens.

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