DOPA/Social Networking Update

What is the status of DOPA? The Senate and House are not in session and won’t be until after the election. When they return to DC, they will be focusing on leadership elections and appropriations bills. According to the ALA Washington Office, the Senate has no plans to consider any social networking bills during the rest of this session. That means DOPA, in its current form, will die at the end of this session and not become law.

What might the future hold? It’s possible that in the next session, which begins in Jan. 2007, that the issue of social networking technologies might come to the forefront again. The House very well might try to pass a similar bill at that time.

What are next steps? Librarians should continue educating their Congresspersons, local decision makers and library users about social networking technologies. Since Congress will be home for the holidays, you may want to invite your legislator to the library for an event that centers around computer use and/or social networking technologies. Other tips and ideas for educating legislators and others about this issue are in YALSA’s Social Networking Toolkit, which you can access from here.

YALSA would like to thank all of you who reached out to their Congressperson and communities to help ensure that library users continue to have access to critical communication tools. Your voice matters!
-Beth Yoke

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