Today I got an amazing offer to test a new ringtone that is at such a low pitch it can’t be heard by adults. I don’t purchase unique ringtons for my phone, but I’m tempted to take the offer. On one hand I’m happy about this new technology development, because it means that cell phones can actually be less annoying if teens opt to prove their youth once again by having something that is unique to them.

In another way it also shows something that Linda Braun mentioned over a year ago. Teens what their own space, their own technologies, and their own lives separate from school and parents. When adults massively encroach on their territory they tend to leave in hopes of finding something that they can experience on their own.
So what does this mean for teen services? Well simply that we can’t stop challenging ourselves. Even the most innovate libraries have to be working with the teens everyday to continue to provide services that matter. Also I know many things in libraries take a long time to process, but while many librarians may not have the ability to be cutting edge you do have the power to know you teens, and their interests. While you may be an adult infringing on their territory sometimes, a librarian can be an adult in between teacher and parent, and even considered the cool aunt by some of the teens you impact the most.

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