Don’t be a Guitar Hero, form a Rock Band

Its singstar meets guitar hero + drums Rock Band Launch
Harmonix, the people who developed Guitar Hero, along with MTV Games, have a new project that they’ve been taking to gaming conferences recently. It’s called Rock Band. Its a four player game with two guitars, drums, and lead singer. When I attended PAX I was able to “try” out the game, which was amazingly alot of fun.

Set to release in November, some online game stores are listing the bundle at $199, but there is no official announcement about the price. The Rock Band game wikipedia page lists PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as the consoles it will be playable on, but when I talked with Harmonix at PAX they said they’d like to have a Wii version as well.

This appears to be the next big thing in music gaming. Libraries who have gaming programs will want to watch the developments of this game.

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