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Teen librarians that want to keep up on what’s going on with legislation related to social networking in schools and libraries, what the digital TV transition really means, and copyright in a world full of downloading might want to check out the following podcasts:

  • Episode 105 of The Real Deal podcast covered the digital TV transition in a way that makes the whole thing understandable. I know lots of teens, teachers, and parents have questions about what the transition means for them and their TV viewing. This Real Deal episode could be just the thing to give them the info. they need.
  • One week later, in episode 106, The Real Deal covered the topic of copyright. Again, in clear straightforward language the hosts of the show, along with copyright lawyer Colette Vogele, covered what’s legal, what’s not legal, and what’s up for grabs in the download age. Listen to know how to answer questions from teens. Have teens listen so they can gain a clear sense of what’s really up when it comes to copying, downloading, and licensing.
  • Not quite as recent as the discussions on The Real Deal, but earlier this month Buzz Out Loud reported that Virginia is the first state to pass an Internet Safey law. The law requires schools in the state to teach Internet Safety in the classroom.

Video and audio podcasts continue to be a really useful way of keeping up on the latest news on laws, trends, and technology that have an impact on teen services in libraries. Check out these three and maybe start subscribing as a way to keep up and be in the know.

About Linda W Braun

Linda W Braun is a YALSA Past President, the YALSA CE Consultant, and a learning consultant/project management coordinator at LEO: Librarians & Educators Online.
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