Thanks to all who participated in YALSA's first event liveblogged with CoverItLive! Despite a couple of interesting technical developments, I think everything went very smoothly. Particular thanks to the fantastic Kelly Tyler, who took an astounding amount of photos and video--some of which we even managed to upload during the session!

You can now view a replay of the session, which includes selected book covers, video, and commentary from several folks who participated via Twitter.
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As' a YALSA Intellectual Freedom Committee member, I have my choice of a smorgasbord of Intellectual Freedom meetings and' activities to attend at Conference. ' However by far, the best part of my trip to Midwinter was attending the Freedom to Read Foundation's' Fourth Annual Author Event' featuring Lauren Myracle.

Lauren' specifically addressed' the banning and challenging of her books.'  She' spoke about how she could empathize with parents who' find her books' objectionable.' ' ' Because the world is truly a scary place,'  protecting your children is a priority.' '  Read More →

As many YALSA blog readers have probably learned, two Division members died unexpectedly on their way to the airport following Midwinter in Denver. ALSC Vice President Kate McClelland and Notable Children's Videos Chair Kathy Krasniewicz were killed in a hit-and-run automobile accident.

YALSA sends its condolences to the families, friends, and colleagues of these two women.

The ALSC blog is collecting memories of Kate and Kathy, readers of this blog are invited to contribute.

You can read about the women in this article from the Greenwich News.

I've noticed a particular phenomenon among teens that I don't see as much in children or adults. Actually, it's two things.

1. Often, when I see a teen searching for a book on the shelves, and I approach her and ask if I can help her find what she's looking for, she says no--even though it's pretty obvious that she's having trouble locating the title she wants.
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YALSA's Winter 2009 e-courses' include three four-week classes, which will take place' February 9' though March 6.' Registration now open! Questions? Contact' Nichole Gilbert, 1-800-545-2433, ext. 4387.

Teaching the online courses is one of my favorite YALSA activities.'  In each session, I get to network with staff at all levels, from all over the country (and beyond).' ' ' In the Power Programming class we will brainstorm ideas for Teen Tech Week, summer reading initiatives, media/program trends and more. We will look at realistic limitations such as space, time, administrative support and marketing.'  The final project is to develop a program including' marketing, variations for older and younger teens, costs and collection connections.' As an active teen librarian, I share many tips on things that work with my teens, and things to avoid! Read More →

I am the current chair of the Technology for Young Adults Committee. I had scheduled a meeting outside of All Committee (where all of the committees meet for 2 hours in the morning on Saturday at conference) in case we needed it to be able to continue our work. It turned out we didn't, but one of the committee members had a conflict for the morning meeting so she and I planned to meet in the afternoon. When we both got to the scheduled room there was a pleasant surprise. About eight people we had never seen before were there!

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Things really got rockin by the time the America's Best Booktalkers were up for their performances. A cover song from Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love to introduce Ophelia by Lisa Klein to a description of Stargirl so good we knew who she was before the booktalker revealed the title. Chris Shoemaker was the fantastic Emcee for the event. A democratic vote took place via Twitter and the winner was'  . . . Read More →

Particular titles dominated people's conversations here in the Mile High City, so I headed out to the exhibit hall to see for myself. ' Here's some buzz on forthcoming YA books for 2009:

Chasing Lincoln's Killer' by James L. Swanson is the youth version of Swanson's' Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer. ' The author was heard assuring librarians that the gory details were neither gratuitous nor excised from this adaptation for younger readers. Read More →