The YALSA Update: Wrestlers, Editors, New Classes, Oh My!

Congrats to our WrestleMania Reading Challenge Winners! The WrestleMania Reading Challenge took place last weekend at Houston Public Library! Stephanie Diaz (grades 7-8) and Christian Cervantes (grades 9-12) won ringside tickets for WrestleMania 25. Learn more about the event, and the other finalists, at the WrestleMania Reading Challenge webpage.’ 

Reminder! Applications to edit Young Adult Library Services are due today to Please see the requirements for this member position.

E-course Registraton Open! YALSA’s affordable online courses are back! Register today for our summer session of classes, including a brand-new class, Beyond Booklists: Serving Today’s Diverse Teens (taught by Jennifer Velasquez) or the very popular Pain in the Brain: Adolescent Development and Library Behavior (taught by Beth Gallaway). Classes are four-weeks and pricing starts at $135 for YALSA members and students.

Operation TBD 2 YALSA ‘ will again team with readergirlz and Guys Lit Wire to distribute 8,000 books (donated by 18 publishers) to pediatric hospitals across the U.S. Learn how you can get involved on the YALSA Wiki or by visiting the readergirlz TBD page. Help us celebrate Support Teen Literature Day by participating in this special event.

After the jump, see where YALSA is this week on the 2009 YALSA Road Trip, find out how you can help YALSA with the Great Ideas contest, details on YALSA’s Annual preconferences and meet the winners from the 2009 YALSA membership drive.

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Helping YALSA During Difficult Economic Times

Individually, we are all probably feeling the effect of the current economic’ downturn and I know that I am.’  In addition, my library system had budget cuts this year both from local and state support.’  We are also facing furloughs in the upcoming fiscal year (begins July 1) as well as additional cuts.’  I wish that I could say that’ YALSA and ALA are immune to the economic troubles but they are not.’  ‘  However, both ALA and YALSA have been proactive in seeking new revenue funding streams as well as implementing cost savings.’  So what does this have to do with YALSA members?’  Continue reading

Annual Conference- BBYA

Even though it is only April, I’m already starting to get excited about Annual Conference in Chicago.’  Chicago is one of my favorite cities (even if ALA is late this year and so the Taste of Chicago won’t be going on at the same time). Those of you who are not sure about the ALA/Proquest Scholarship Bash, the Art Institue of Chicago is wonderful and worth seeing while you are there.’ 

The reason that I am most excited about this year’s Annual Conference though is that I am a member of the Best Books for Young Adults Committee (aka BBYA).’  This will be my first time meeting with the other BBYA folks and I’m really looking forward to some good debating on the many great titles that have been nominated so far.’  Continue reading

State Library Conference: Some Observations from the Trenches

I am freshly returned from the Texas Library Association Conference in Houston. I do not know the numbers in attendance, but if my observations were correct, there were thousands upon thousands. (Session handouts are available). A few things I noticed:

1. There were many of us using Twitter to provide some updates on sessions and hot books to be had.

2. Facebook friending (and posting) was occurring at an alarming rate.
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C’est la Vie

The most recent On the Media (OTM) broadcast includes a segment called The Net Effect. That segment is worth listening to. What is also worth listening to is the audio file on the OTM web site which is the uncut version of OTM host Brooke Gladstone’s interview with Pew Internet in American Life Director Lee Rainie. You can listen to that file right from this blog post. Liisten

Rainie has been present at many library and education events as keynote speaker. As a result, many librarians and teachers have had the chance to hear what he has to say about technology in the lives of Americans and its impact on educational institutions. However, even if you have heard Rainie before, this interview is worth listening to in order to hear him discuss the impact of technology in a broad context. Continue reading

I’ve Got a Hunch

Last week, with a bit of fanfare, the web site Hunch launched. ‘ I read about it on a few blogs and was interested in learning what it could do. I requested an invite and pretty quickly got an email that gave me access to the site.

Hunch is a site that helps visitors make decisions. You type in a question and then are given a decision making tree for getting to the answer to your question. For example, I started testing out Hunch with the question “What kind of job should I have? ” I then was asked a series of questions related to my indoor/outdoor work preferences, my education level, my willingness to work for the government, and so on. Continue reading

YALSA Pocast #66 – Voices From Midwinter 09

It’s just about half-way between the 2009 Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference and that means it’s the perfect time to listen to voices from Midwinter. Why? Because you’ll find out about many of the programs that YALSA is planning for Annual, learn what people took part in during Midwinter, and be reminded of how and why attending conferences is worthwhile.


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