Best iPhone/ iTouch Apps for Teens

Ed. note: This post from 2009 remains a perennial favorite for readers, but don’t forget to visit our extensive App of the Week archive for more suggestions on iOS and Android applications for teens. 

An article in a local newspaper recently touted the launch of a new iPhone application (iCommunicate) designed to help parents of autistic or developmentally delayed children. It sounded like such a wonderful tool, and it made me wonder if there were any apps out there (other than games) that might be useful for teens. I decided to do a little research and see what I could find.

The App Podcast, which bills itself as the leading iPhone and iPod Touch app review site, has plenty of categories to choose from to help you in your search for the killer app. I was disappointed to find that they haven’t created a special niche dedicated to apps for teens. In fact, a keyword search of the site for the term “teen,” only yielded two hits: Teen Live Drive ($7.99) which helps teens prepare for the driving test, and Kipo ($0.99) which encourages good behavior in kids and teens with a point earning/rewards system. Is it me, or does the basic concept of Teen Live Drive just seem wrong in some way? Given the preponderance of warnings about the dangers of teens texting and driving, there’s something troubling to me about suggesting teens should use their phones to become better drivers.

iPhone and iPod Touch review site, 148Apps, was recently named one of the Top 100 Websites of 2009 by PC Magazine. The site provides up to date reviews and information on best selling apps and recent price drops. Reviews are organized by category. Again, none of the apps are tagged specifically for teens, rendering any type of targeted search futile.

While the mainstream review sites aren’t geared toward identifying the best of the apps for teens, check out this list of Ten Best and Worst iPhone Apps for Teens and Parents as decided by Radical Parenting. There are a few real finds on this site and a few apps bound to raise eyebrows with teens.

TextPlus is a free app that serves up free unlimited texting for iPhone and iPod Touch users. The app is free for the sender, though standard text messaging charges apply for the person receiving the text message. In the case of the iPod Touch, a number is assigned, which will show up on the other person’s phone. SAT Test Prep ($1.99) promises to increase those all important college entrance scores. And Sit or Squat fulfills a more basic need: directions to the nearest (and cleanest?) local restroom.

What do you think are the best or most popular iPhone apps for teens? What do teen patrons have to say? I took an informal poll of the teens at my library and here are the results:

  • Facebook
  • Tap Tap Revenge
  • More Toast!
  • Sally’s Salon
  • Flashcards
  • iTranslate
  • Flight of the Hamsters

29 thoughts on “Best iPhone/ iTouch Apps for Teens

  1. This is great. I’m going to post something similar on our library site and link back here–I’m interested to see how responses vary from the list provided by Radical Parenting.

  2. im 13 and i loveeee facebook app
    my top 10 are…

    1. facebook
    2. wallpapers
    3. fml
    4. taylor swift app
    5. seventeen fashion finder
    6 .whiteboard
    7. dash of color
    8. myspace
    9. textfree
    10. rollercoaster games

  3. Heeey

    my fav apps for my iPod touch areee:

    1. Facebook.
    2. Wallpapers.
    3. Cooking Mama.
    4. Converse.
    5. Gap style mixer.
    6. What do you prefer?
    7. Truth or Dare.
    8. Twilight trivia.
    9. New moon trivia.
    10. aim

  4. 1. facebook
    2. echofon
    3. words with friends
    4. pandora
    5. doodle buddy
    6. drunk texts
    7. flood it
    8. fml
    9. white noise
    10. line up

  5. 1.scoops
    4.waterslide extreme
    5.tap tap 3
    9.glow hackey
    10.dots free

  6. 1.doodlejump
    4.rolando lite
    5.tap tap revenge 3
    6.plants vs zombies
    7.unblock me
    10.pocket god

  7. 1. facebook
    2. tumblr
    3. pandora
    4. cover orange
    5. shanedawson
    6. taylor swift
    7. flashcards
    8. forever 21
    9. doodle jump
    10. quotes wp

  8. Plants vs Zombies, ($2.99)
    Call Of Duty; World At War; Zombies (5.99)
    Facebook (FREE)
    Ebuddy (FREE)
    Textplus ($1.99)
    Fruitninja ($0.99)
    Doodle Jump ($0.99)
    Angry Birds ($1.99)
    Tap Tap Revenge ($1.99)
    FML (FREE)

    I know its the same thing i just thought id give you an idea of the prices.
    FYI, They may have changed a bit since i bought them, but it’s somewhere around this.

  9. My Top 10 Apps Are:

    1: Facebook
    2: iBooks
    3: Smurfs
    4: Angry Birds
    5: PlayMouth
    6: Plant vs Zombies
    7: Messenger
    8: Cut The Rope
    9: Fruit Ninja
    10: Skype

  10. 1. Whoz Yo Daddy
    2. Facebook
    3. Angry Birds
    4. Solataire
    5. Beluga
    6. Words With Friends
    7. iBooks
    8. Twinkle
    9. Cue Cards
    10. Urban Daddy

  11. 1.Facebook
    5.FT90 CE ( a P90X workout schedule)
    10.tunein Radio

  12. 1. Facebook
    2. Air peguin
    3. Flickhomerun
    4. Instagram
    5. iFunny
    6. Temple run
    7. Robot unicorn attack
    8. Text now
    9. Pandora
    10. Tiny tower

  13. 1. Facebook
    2. Sims freeplay
    3. Tap tap revenge
    4. FaceTime
    6.nyan cat: Lost in space
    7. Pic collage
    8. Temple run
    9. Oovoo

  14. 1~facebook
    2~robot unicorn attack
    5~temple run
    6~text free :)
    7~ginger booth ;)
    9~that awkward moment

  15. 1~facebook
    4~bigfoot finder
    5~crazy chicken
    6~robot unicorn attack
    7~cupcaker maker
    9~ginger booth
    10~duck finder

  16. Twitter
    Temple run
    Angry birds
    Call Of Duty
    Tape Tape Revenge
    Plant vs. Zombies

  17. 1.) Facebook
    2.) Youtube
    3.) Zombieville
    4.) Temple run
    5.) Robot unicorn Attack<3
    6.) AXE IN FACE :3
    7.) Flick homerun
    8.) Templerun
    9.) textplus
    10.) ifunny

  18. Best Games:
    1) Doodle Jump (Very addictive)
    2) Ragewars (Amazing for meme lovers)
    3) Slide (Very fast paced and fun)
    4) Smash Dude (Good for getting anger out)
    Best Education Apps:
    1) inClass.
    2) flashcards.
    3) Ruler.
    1) iFirstAid Lite
    2) Draw
    3) Hi Future Self (Good for reminders.)
    4) Bug Spray (Supposingly keeps bugs away.)
    5) Piggie (Finance)
    6) Taxi Magic
    7) OneBusAway
    Photography/Photo editing
    1) CamWow (VERY GOOD photo taker)
    2) CamWow Pro, Or CamWow Retro (More Photo taker things..:P)
    3) Be Funky FX (Photo editor)
    4) Pici Booth (Just like a photo booth, very fun for parties, ect!)
    5) Pix
    Overall Fun Apps:
    1) Bored!
    2) iFunny (BEST APP…)
    3) Liquid Lite (Very fun and amusing!)
    4) Pocket Pond (Theriputic and fun!)
    5) Police! (Funny prank)
    6) Zippo Lighter
    7) Magic Piano
    8) Soundhound (For that one song you’ve got stuck in your head but don’t know what it’s called!)
    9) Bongos (Fun for all ages and amusing)
    10) AutoTune Star
    11) Bubble Wrap
    12) SpinArt Free
    13) Spin the Coke
    14) App Trailers (Preview app trailers for points that you can exchange for giftcards!)

  19. I Just went through a list and this is what i have down! (ALL ARE FREE AND FUN!)
    1~Find My Phone (Useful)
    3~Tumblr (I Love this)
    5~ Skype
    6~Temple Run
    10~ Fml

  20. 1. Twitter
    2. What’s App (best app ever)
    3. Facebook
    4. Skype
    5. Instagram
    6. Bolt (game)
    7. Catwang
    8. SoundHound
    9. Urbanspoon (I love to eat.. Sooo:P)
    10. Nike Running (Nike +GPS) (sickest thing)
    11. QQImage
    12. Diptic
    13. I like FREE apps
    14. Text plus (gold) (the best one)
    15. Tumblr! (loving this thing)

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