Learn Create Share – What Librarians Do Best!

Being a student member of ALA and YALSA I have learned a few things about being a librarian that can’t be taught in school:

  1. Being a librarian requires a love of learning that never fades
  2. Librarians are innovative, always coming up with new and creative ways to reach teens
  3. Librarians love to share their ideas on wikis, blogs, via Twitter and Facebook, at conferences, and in podcasts

It is for all of these reasons that there is nothing else I would rather do than be a librarian. And it is also for these reasons that libraries and librarians really have the opportunity to inspire teens this Teen Tech Week.

We on the Teen Tech Week committee have been doing our best to provide librarians with the tools necessary to make this Teen Tech Week successful. However, in keeping with what librarians do best, we want to encourage all of you to share your programming ideas on the Teen Tech Week 2010 Wiki so other librarians can learn from them and use them to engage with and encourage the teens in their communities to Learn Create Share this Teen Tech Week. These can be programs you’ve done throughout the year that were successful or programs you are planning to try during Teen Tech Week. You can also post your thoughts and ideas for promoting Teen Tech week.

Don’t forget to register for Teen Teen Tech Week 2010. Doing so will give you access to this year’s awesome logo.

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