Teen Tech Week is Here!

Still wondering what to do at your library this Teen Tech Week? How about creating book trailers? They are fun and easy to do and you don’t have to read the whole book to create the trailer. You can get a group of teens together, give them some newly acquired books, and ask them to come up with trailers that will help get the books circulating. Or let the teens create trailers for their favorite library books. Then post the trailers on your library’s website, blog, Facebook page or link to them on Twitter.

Here’s a trailer I created for the book Shiver, by Maggie Stiefvater.

Not sure where to get the pictures from? Creativecommons.org is a great place to find images with Creative Commons Licenses that allow you to share, remix and distribute the image.’  Since not all licenses are created equal be sure to check the specifics for each image you want to use to make sure you are allowed to use it and what the rules are.

With web-based programs like Animoto you can upload your photos, choose some music and let Animoto do the mixing. With the basic free version of Animoto you are able to create 30 second videos. However, if you are a school librarian or teacher you should checkout Animoto for Education ,’ or’ Animoto for a Cause if you are a non-profit. These accounts offer additional features that are not offered under the basic free version, including the ability to create longer videos.

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