Mid-Term Elections Countdown

As many of you know, it is exactly one week until Mid-Term Elections take place. All across the country, some new political candidates will move to the forefront, some will remain in positions of power, and some will be cast aside. As voters, it is our voices that will create this change.’  Now you may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with young adults and library service?

Well, it is important for libraries, community members, and any one capable of voting in the election process be aware of the different issues and legislation facing libraries and specifically young adults, and what the potential political candidates interests are and whether they are in support of or are against these issues.

Most young adults are not yet old enough to vote so it is absolutely necessary that we, as their advocates, keep issues that impact them and their library services in mind as we go to the polls in one week. All this week, the YALSA Legislation Committee will be posting some informative posts about how to get different stakeholders involved in library advocacy, what the legislative issues impacting libraries and young adults are, and what advocacy resources are available from ALA and YALSA to help guide you through the process.

While we always see a big push for advocacy right before election times, it is also necessary for me to note that topics we will be talking about here will be things that you can do and use in your libraries year round.’  If you do not have advocates or haven’t thought about advocacy, then there is no time like the present to get involved.’  If you do have advocates or target advocacy as a goal in your libraries, then this might be a time to re-double your efforts, ‘ touch base with these people, get information on the issues out there, and encourage people to voice their support for library services.

The people being elected this coming week’ will have a great impact on how our libraries, programs, and services continue to operate in the future.’ ‘ Advocacy’ and education are important in getting the support’ libraries need to continue doing all the wonderful things that we already do, and to have’ positive futures in our communities. ‘ Every single voice counts!

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