YALSA Advocacy resources

YALSA has many resources to help you be an advocate for teens and teen services in your library. Are you aware of what YALSA has that can help you?

YALSA has a legislative committee. That’s us, writing these posts this week, to get you ready for the elections. We’re here to tell you where to find the information that you need so you can speak up for teen services.

YALSA has webinars. YALSA has even had a webinar on advocacy!Check the website for current information and find out what previous webinars YALSA has offered. If it is more than 2 months old, you can check the archives.

YALSA’s Professional Development Tools include many different things. I mention this page because of the extensive list of resources at the bottom of the page. These include white papers on hot topics such as the importance of teen literature. Important links, such as the YALSA advocacy toolkit are also included.

There’s also a link to the Legislative Advocacy Guide. This pdf document gives you steps to take to become aware of the issues and tells you how to get involved. It mentions listservs you can join to be informed about the upcoming topics, tells you how to find out who your representatives are, how to contact them, and gives tips for what to say to them. This is an excellent resource to help get you started.

YALSA’s wiki has a page about Advocating for Teen Services in Libraries.

The wiki has many resources as well, including the “Speaking up for library services to teens: a guide to advocacy” pdf. It is very text heavy, but contains many pointers for becoming an advocate.

The Advocacy Workbook is a true step-by-step, broken down guide on how to be an advocate. It gives advice and work space to develop your messages and keep track of the important issues.

Lastly, there is a pretty hefty ‘ list of links to other websites helpful for advocating for teen services.

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