Beautiful Books by Teens of New Orleans

A few weeks ago Lafayette Public Library along with the local Juvenile Detention Center hosted a visit by the Neighborhood Story Project (NSP) and one of their young adult authors, Daron Crawford.’  The NSP is an amazing organization that works with individuals of New Orleans to tell there own story in their own words.’  They have published two sets of books by high school students. These books give the reader a unique insider view of real teen life in New Orleans.’  The NSP staff works intensively with the teens during and after school to help them document their own story with interviews of family and friends and photographs of their neighborhood and the people in it.’  Daron Crawford was one of the authors of the latest set of books that was published in 2009.’  He has since graduated from high school and is in culinary school in New Orleans.’  Check out the books of the Neighborhood Story Project while in New Orleans. ‘

-Amy Wander