Award Winners and Award Makers

Spring is a great time to highlight the Best of the Best, and ALA Midwinter brought forth the lists of award-winning titles and authors for 2012. If you haven’t already seen the winners for this year, visit the YALSA Booklists or check your copy of Young Adult Library Services‘ for a complete listing. Of course, knowing which titles win doesn’t always mean you know what to do with the information. The following are some ways you can do more with these highlighted titles:

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YALSA’s May Advocate of the Month

The YALSA’ Legislative Committee is happy to announce the May Advocate of the Month: Wendy Morano. She was nominated by her colleague Sarah Wright who says this about Wendy’s advocacy work:

Wendy advocates for teens in the library system.’  Although this is a group that can often be misunderstood and looked down on, Wendy stands up for teens and their rights in the library.’  She attends all of the teen services meetings in the system and has also been accepted as part of the library system’s Summer Reading Program Committee as a teen advocate and as a member of the Developmental Assets Committee.’  The latter committee would not exist without Wendy’s efforts in writing the Teen Services Tactical Plan for the library.’  She, as a part of the Tactical Plan committee, presented to the library system the need to focus on strengthening the Developmental Assets (as defined by the Search Institute) of the teens in the system.’  The library is now offering training in those Assets to library employees.

Wendy also runs a book club, gaming group, does countless booktalks and has improved the library system’s teen graphic novel and’ fiction’ collection. In her 15 years with the Columbus Metropolitan Library System she has become not only an advocate for teens, but a friend.

Thank you Wendy for your work with teens and libraries. If you would like to nominate a librarian, volunteer, or anyone else who advocates for teens and libraries you can fill out this short nomination form.‘ (Please note, currently the YALSA forms are down)

App of the Week: Bump


Title: Bump
Platform: iOS, Android
Cost:‘ Free


One day a teen I know came barreling into the community room for a program shouting to her friend, “I must bump with you!”‘  Was this a new dance craze? A euphemism? What did it mean?’  The two pulled out their iPods, tapped at their touch screens, and then, with iPods in hand, bumped fists. They had just shared photos between the two devices. I wanted to try it.’  So, I downloaded Bump on my iPhone, and had the teens show me around.’  Bump is an amusing tactile way to share pictures and contacts between two devices. It’s quick, it works cross-platform, and it inspires smiles in the people doing the sharing. Continue reading

ALA Annual: Where to Eat, Part 4

It’s official: ALA Annual in Anaheim is less than one month away! Remember, YALSA members can take advantage of Division Member advance rates – $230 for the entire conference by June 14th. Once you’ve registered, plan out your conference activities with the ALA Conference Scheduler, and YALSA’s list of events at ALA Annual will give you some great ways to fill your schedule!

We’ve got another great Orange County restaurant recommendation for you today. Looking for a good gourmet burger? The restaurant chain Umami Burger is the burger of choice for many local Southern California residents.

Umami Burger in LA, CA
Photo by Yogma

Umami’s simple, but tasty menu and funky, urban atmosphere make this restaurant an ideal choice for small and large groups to get together and enjoy rich, savory, flavor-filled food. The Costa Mesa location is about a 20 minute drive south from the Anaheim Convention Center, and it is well worth the trip.

Created by a Los Angeles-based chef and entrepreneur, Umami is a Japanese word describing a pleasant and savory taste that is subtle, but expands your experience while eating. The chain now has 9 locations—one in Northern CA—but is rumored to be planning openings for approximately 35 new locations in the next 3 years.

It’s not just the mouth-watering beef burgers (the Manly Burger is a favorite!) that will catch your attention. There’s also an ahi tuna burger, a vegetarian burger, and even a chicken tandoori burger. Order one of these and a side of smushed potatoes (double fried creamer potatoes, seasoned with salt and pepper), and you are good to go. There’s also a “secret menu” containing other fried treats such as truffle fries and cheesy tater tots….mmmm….hmmmm!

Umami fries
Photo by stevebott

If you don’t mind a short drive out of Anaheim as you’re sightseeing in Orange County, check out Umami Burger for a gourmet burger experience that you won’t forget.

Find Umami Burger at 2981 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Phone number: (714) 957-8626.

Hours: Mon-Thu, Sun 11 am – 11 pm | Fri-Sat 11 am – 12 am

See you in Anaheim!

What If You Designed Mobile First?

One of the things I get to do is teach a course for Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science on Web Development and Information Architecture. And, one of the things we talk more and more about in that class is developing a library web presences for a mobile environment. This summer the class is even reading a book titled Mobile First.

The thing is, designing for mobile isn’t just something to think about for library websites. It’s something to think about when planning programs, services, and collections that tend to be face-to-face but could really have an on-the-road or on-a-device aspect. For example:
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Meet a new friend and find a new idea: Speed Networking @ Annual

I’m the only YA librarian at my library, and despite the things I do to stay in touch with my colleagues locally and nationally, it can sometimes be very lonely work somtimes! If you’re in the same boat (or if you just love the chance to be with your people), add YALSA’s Speed Networking for YA Librarians to your Annual schedule.

The speed networking event is a fun, simple way to connect with others who work with teens in libraries. It’s inspired by the speed dating model of getting to know someone: everyone will be divided into small groups and seated at tables. Every few minutes, groups will swap tables, giving you a chance to get to know a lot of your fellow teen-serving librarians in a more personal way in short period of time.

You’ll talk about great ideas, swap stories of successes and failures, and have the opportunity to meet people from across the country who are at all different points in their careers and professional involvement. Conversations will be informal and fun. Bring your expertise and your curiosity!

This session will be held on Sunday, June 24th at 1:30 in the Pacific A room of the Hilton Anaheim hotel. I hope I’ll see you there!

ALA Annual: Where to Eat, Part 3

Have you registered for ALA Annual? YALSA members can take advantage of Division Member advance rates – $230 for the entire conference by June 14th. Once you’ve registered, plan out your conference activities with the ALA Conference Scheduler. Take a look at YALSA’s events at ALA Annual for ideas on how to fill your schedule!

And of course, you’ll need to eat.

Looking for unique street food without the big city hassle?’  Try Bruxie in the city of Orange: a gourmet waffle sandwich restaurant that has gotten a lot of buzz this year.’  From over a dozen savory or sweet waffle sandwiches filled with deliciousness, each pairing appears increasingly more delectable the longer you stare at the menu.’  Lightly crispy with a doughy center, these authentic Belgium waffles are more like bread than pancakes, which makes them perfect for any meal of the day.’  Be warned: sandwiches are generous in size and you’ll have a very difficult task of selecting just one.’  This is the perfect place to get a group together and order everything off the menu!

Photo by Jane GovPhoto by Jane Gov

Start with something savory.’  For good ol’ American soul food, try the Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffle sandwich, battered fried breast with a sliver of chili honey and a sprinkling of cider slaw.’  If you’re looking for more meet, try the Bruxie Burger, Angus beef with all the proper toppings wedged between a wide crispy waffle, or the Hot Pastrami Bruxie with gruyere cheese and cider slaw.’  Or for something a little more fancy, try the Smoked Salmon Bruxie—Michel Cordon Bleu smoked salmon with herb cream cheese, crispy cucumbers and chives in a waffle fold.

Photo by Jane GovPhoto by Jane Gov

Feeling nostalgic for your favorites?’  Bruxie takes care of that, too!’  In their waffle sandwich alter egos, PB and J, S’Mores, and Lemon Meringue Pie never sounded better.’  There are also vegetarian and gluten free options, but if you’re not satisfied with their offerings, as long as they have the ingredients, they can make it!

In keeping with the theme, Bruxie also offers waffle cut fries and Belgium waffle originals; get the Liege waffle with caramelized pearl sugar or a chocolate filled Liege with nutella or chocolate sauce.’  There’s also an entire menu of specialty drinks: Peets lattes, old fashioned sodas, ice cream floats and shakes.’  As if that wasn’t enough, they also have soft serve Wisconsin frozen custard and sundaes served in waffle cones!

Bruxie is located about five miles east of the Anaheim Convention Center in a quaint little neighborhood in the Chapman University district.’  Down the street are shops and cafes that look like homes interspersed between houses that are actually homes.’  There are no shortages of antique stores, so if you feel like a stroll, catch them before they close!’  For more info and pictures, visit their website at

Bruxie | Old Town Orange | 292 North Glassell Street, Orange, CA | 714-633-3900

Hours: 9am-9pm Sunday – Wednesday | 9am-10pm Thursday – Saturday

See you in Anaheim!

YALSA Blog Tweets of the Week – May 18, 2012

A weekly short list of tweets that librarians and the teens that they serve may find interesting.

Do you have a favorite Tweet from the past week? If so add it in the comments for this post. Or, if you read a Twitter post between May 18 and May 24 that you think is a must for the next Tweets of the Week send a direct or @ message to lbraun2000 on Twitter.
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Don’t Forget Alex!

There’s a profusion of pollen and awards in the air. It must be springtime. ‘Tis the season that YALSA rolls out the award announcements for the Printz, the Morris, the Edwards, the Odyssey, and more; the Spring issue of YALS is devoted to awards, the winners, and the speeches. But even so, in the flurry of awards that get announced in the late winter and early spring, it can still be easy to overlook a few. ‘ But don’t forget Alex!

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