Why I Donate to Friends of YALSA

I am stingy with my hard-earned money. So when I decide to donate to worthy organizations and causes you can be sure I feel confident my money will be used in a responsible manner, supporting causes that match my values and passions.

That is why I donate to Friends of YALSA every year. Like you, I am passionate about teens and teen library services. I actively seek out the ideas, inspiration, and motivation YALSA provides through blogs, listservs, publications, conferences, etc., etc. I also want to support my colleagues in their efforts to provide excellence for our young people. The grants, scholarships, and awards offered to members by YALSA enhance our entire profession.

I invite you to donate to Friends of YALSA along with me. Your support will be a positive influence for teens and those who serve them. Your money will indeed be used in a responsible manner as YALSA continues to give us the capacity to engage, serve and empower teens.

Please donate today. If we can raise $2000 by the end of August we will receive an additional $1000 from a generous donor. So each of your dollars will actually be worth $1.50!! What a great deal!!

Any amount is welcome, and it will only take a moment of your time to donate. The URL is: www.ala.org/yalsa/givetoyalsa/give

Thank you so much for your support.

About Penny Johnson

I am the teen specialist at Baraboo Public Library, Baraboo WI.
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  1. I love matching grants, sometimes I like to hang on to a donation to wait for the best time to give it, and I can’t think of any time better than now!

  2. Shannon Peterson

    Only a few weeks left to get those matching funds! I’m donating as a “Thank You” to YALSA for all of the amazing SRP inspiration I’ve gotten this year to make this summer a hit with my teens.

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