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Connect, Create, Collaborate: National YA Forum on Teens & Libraries Is the Next Big Thing

Have you heard? YALSA received funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to facilitate a year-long project. What’s the project about? It brings together library staff that work with teens, educators, library educators, youth development experts, technology experts, and stakeholders to talk about the future of YA services. All leading to a white paper that will outline where teen services should go in the future and how best to support teens in libraries and communities.

There are two key pieces to the Forum that lead to the white paper:

This project gives YALSA the opportunity to connect, create, and collaborate with a wide variety of stakeholders in teen library services. The white paper that will be published at the end of the project (and which will be open to comment prior to publication) will outline the next big thing for libraries, teens, and communities.

You can keep up with information on the project via its website.