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Thank You for Supporting a Spectrum Scholar

Last week, we worked together to raise over $800 for the Friends of YALSA. Through the end of the year we will work to raise $6,500 to support a Spectrum Scholar. Every year, YALSA selects a library student or worker from and underrepresented group who will help shape the future of library services for young adults. This opportunity changes lives as 2010 Spectrum Scholar Hoan-Vu Do explains:

“It was not until I visited a public library in the sixth grade did I know the word for library in Vietnamese, “thu vien.” My local library has been instrumental in helping me as a student through out mu school years. If it weren’t for the library I would not have been where I am today. My local library have inspired me as a student and taught me many skills. I was drawn to librarianship after working as a library clerk for the San Diego Public Library system. I really enjoy serving my diverse community and being around the fusion that is created through its diversity.

I feel that when I start my MLIS program in the fall at San Jose State University I have come full circle. My local library has inspired me when I was a youth now I want to become a youth services and science librarian so I can inspire the next generation of youths in my community. Now more than ever I strongly believe that libraries and librarians are needed to teach and provide a place to explore, create, and produce the next generations of academics. I would like to thank YALSA for selecting me as their 2010 Spectrum Scholar, it is a great honor.”

Help us change the lives of librarians and donate today to the Friends of YALSA and support future generations of Spectrum Scholars.