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Connect, Create, Collaborate: Teens 2013

Earlier this week I presented a YALSA Institue on Teens and Technology. The participants, library staff at libraries in the Southern Maryland Regional Library Association, and I talked a lot about what we know about teens in 2012/13, when it comes to technology. And, as I think about the topics discussed, it’s clear to me that quite a bit of what we covered is key in connecting with, creating for, and collaborating with teens in 2013. Here are some examples:

As we roll into 2013, and as Teen Tech Week is just a few months away, consider the teens in your community you know, and the teens you don’t know but should. Think about what you think you know about teens and technology and what you really know about teens and technology. Don’t make assumptions about teens and tech and make sure to talk to teens with all types of interests about how you can connect with them via technology, how they can connect with others via technology, how you can support their creating and collaborating within a technology world. Use what you learn in the services you provide in 2013 – and beyond.