Teen Input needed at the BFYA Teen Feedback Session at YALSA Midwinter

The YALSA Local Arrangements committee for ALA Midwinter Meeting in Boston, January 8-12, 2016 is recruiting teen book groups for the  Best Fiction for Young Adults (BFYA) Teen Feedback Session.  This session is scheduled on Saturday from 1-3pm.  All teens who participate in the BFYA Teen Feedback Session will receive a free Exhibits pass to visit the Exhibit Hall prior to the feedback session, and then there is a publisher sponsored lunch (with authors) right before the session.  During the session, teens will be giving their constructive feedback on titles that have been nominated for BFYA.  The books the teens will be discussing are the titles that are nominated for the 2016 list:  http://www.ala.org/yalsa/bfya-nominations  

YALSA takes input from youth very seriously, and in order to get a wide representative of area youth, we are seeking up to 50 teens to visit and participate in ALA Midwinter 2016.  Preference will be given to local teen book groups facilitated by YALSA members. Participating teens are asked to read as many of the BYFA titles as possible, but all titles don’t need to be read by each teen.

Participation consists of teens (ages 12-18) speaking in front of an audience of the committee, publisher representatives, and conference attendees. The Teen Feedback Session runs from 1 PM-3PM.

YALSA Goals for Youth Participation:

  1. To organize and implement youth participation to support division goals,
  2. To collect a wide range of ideas from as diverse a young adult population as possible,
  3. To incorporate youth participation into programs and services in order to provide a richer experience for YALSA members,
  4. To create valuable experiences for the participating young adults in which they can gain knowledge and/or skills useful in future endeavors.

All expenses, other than registration for the day of the Teen Feedback Session, are the responsibility of the group.

DEADLINE EXTENDED : November 9, 2015

Click here to apply.


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