YALSA #alamw18 Board Document #21: Furthering Member Recognition

YALSA has been working to better recognize the work of our members. This started last year with the work of our Member Recognition Taskforce who presented the results of their work at YALSA’s Board of Directors meeting in June 2017 via Board Document 26. As part of their work, the Member Recognition Taskforce ran a survey to ask Member’s how they would like to be recognized for the work that they do for youth, libraries and YALSA. Board Document 26 compiled the results from the survey and made initial recommendations to the Board. To move these recommendations forward, an ad hoc group of  Board members worked together between July and now to take the Taskforces recommendation and make them actionable. At the Board’s meeting on Saturday they will be discussing Board Document 21, “Furthering Member Recognition,” where the ad hoc group makes seven recommendations that focus on communication and information gathering.

  1. Get the word out more effectively, as many school library and non-MLIS members did not understand that they could apply for the awards based on the survey that the taskforce undertook (staff).
  2. Better leverage the blog to share out the word of who wins (YALSAblog manager).
  3. Reach members who are doing interesting things and encourage them to apply (staff, board).
  4. Rework awards applications, promotion, and information about awards to clarify eligiblity (staff).
  5. Continue with member spotlights (staff) in the newsletter and encourage chairs (board liaisons) to nominate committee members for the spotlight.
  6. Award winners should be asked by staff if they would like a letter sent to their supervisor notifying them of their accomplishment, this was the top selection for members who took the survey and the third highest selection by Award Winners. It is an easy and cost-effective way to recognize members to their communities outside of YALSA.
  7. YALSA staff should continue to give out certificates, in lieu of other physical awards, as recommended by the taskforce, because they were highly preferred by members and are also cost effective for the organization.

The document also offers avenues for continued evaluation of the Member Recognition as YALSA moves forward.

It is important for YALSA to hear from its members, so that the recognition that we give is meaningful for the members and so that all YALSA members know the awards they are eligible for.  If you have suggestions or ideas relating to how YALSA can best recognize the contributions and achievements of members, please feel free to contact me at crystle.martin@gmail.com and I will share them with the Board.