YALSA Policy Update from Annual 2014

Greetings, all! For those of you who traveled to Annual, I’m hoping you’ve recovered from the high temperatures, the hot winds, the pervasive smoke, and the ding-ding-ding of casino machines. If you didn’t travel to Las Vegas, just remember the YA Symposium is coming up in November, and Austin is not a desert, presents more opportunities to mingle with colleagues passionate about youth services, and doesn’t require as much walking around in a convention center. Plus, migas!

I wanted to call your attention to a couple of significant policies that will impact your work as committee members and leaders. At Annual 2014, the Board confirmed an update to the YALSA Social Media Policy, and adopted an Ethical Behavior Policy which sets expectations for YALSA committee members and leaders, as well as providing information about what those leaders and members can expect from YALSA. Both documents recognize the increasing impact social media has on both professional identity and networking, and helps set standards which ensure the integrity and enjoyment of all the work both members and YALSA perform. Continue reading YALSA Policy Update from Annual 2014

YALSA Board @ Annual Preview: Draft Policy of Ethical Behavior

YALSA members dedicate an enormous amount of time and energy to serving on task forces, juries, advisory boards, committees, and the Board of Directors; as well as acting as editors, member managers and bloggers. YALSA’s board has been discussing ways to ensure that members have a successful committee experience, both in terms of personal skill building and accomplishing the tasks of the committee.

One piece of that discussion was the interest in setting minimum guidelines for member participation via a policy on ethical behavior, so that members interested in service have a better sense of the time commitment and behaviors expected of them, while also seeing the resources and support YALSA makes available. The goal is to inform members of what is expected of them, while also letting them know what to expect from YALSA. Having clear expectations communicated to all those involved in the work of the association makes for a better experience, opens access to support, and benefits all the volunteers involved as well as those who use YALSA products and YALSA as an association.

Take a look at the document once it goes live on June 13th, and then let us know what you think. You can reach out to any of the document creators. Our contact information is listed below.


Shannon Peterson
Shannon.peterson at gmail.com

Chris Shoemaker
Cinf0master at gmail.com

Jack Martin
Hillias at gmail.com

Update to YALSA social media policy

Wow, just a little over a month to go until Vegas! Frankly, I need more time – especially as the board continues to refine the agenda and topics we’ve been discussing. One topic that the board will be discussing prior to Annual comes from the Spring Executive Committee meeting, and relates to the YALSA social media policy and the conflict of interest guidelines. Based on feedback from chairs, as well as conversations with other division leaders, the board is considering an update to the social media policy and conflict of interest guidelines.

YALSA members are big users of social media, and it’s only grown since the policy was first adopted. With the continued blending of online presence with personal and professional identities, updating the social media policy ensures that YALSA and YALSA members are able to meet a high standard of integrity and avoid conflicts of interest. These impact award committees, as all parts of those committee conversations are confidential. Selection committees that have open meetings and discussions are not impacted by these changes.

There are two changes proposed to the social media policy.
1. YALSA modify the existing social media policy to state “Committee appointees must not discuss books on social media that are eligible for their award in any way that could lead to a conflict or lack of confidentiality in regards to their committee. This includes posting personal reviews in spaces such as social review sites, blogs, or other platforms that are not closed YALSA forums.”
2. YALSA adopt a review policy related to award committee service that states “Committee members may not publish signed reviews of titles that are eligible for their particular award during their term of service in professional journals (print and/or electronic) or other professional and personal outlets.” YALSA’s Conflict of Interest guidelines will also be updated to reflect this information.

Please send any feedback on the proposed changes to Chris Shoemaker or any current board member.



This deadline has no overdue fines

Well, we’re just steps away from the closing date for the Strategic Committee appointments, so if you haven’t yet filled your volunteer form for YALSA committees, then please follow this link now and volunteer.

You can see the full list of the committees and juries that I will be appointing to here.

Once the deadline passes, the appointment process begins! And it looks a little something like this:

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YALSA Board Midwinter update : Board Advocacy

Advocacy can sometimes be a nebulous concept to define, but it’s one that YALSA’s Board of Directors consistently addresses in our work. In fact, advocacy and activism is the first goal of YALSA’s strategic plan. (and not just because we wanted it to start alphabetically)

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YALSA Strategic Committee Appointments!

Happy New Year to you, amazing YALSA members!

Have you made any professional resolutions for 2014? Perhaps to learn a new skills outside of the purview of your day to day work? Maybe to help advance the profession? If so, please consider volunteering for a strategic committee! These committees are a fantastic way to see all the work that YALSA does to advance teen services, build up your skills, and learn something new. But don’t just take my word for it! See what other people have to say:

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Fall Appointments Reminder – Volunteer Form Deadline Approaching October 1st!

YALSA members, I have a question for you – have you filled out your volunteer forms yet? I’ve been working with the amazing Letitia Smith to begin looking at committee volunteers, and have noticed that I’m not seeing all the people who talked with me in Chicago or online and who expressed interest in volunteering their time to serve on a selection committee. So, please, please, please make sure that you’ve completed the volunteer form! And for the committee members who are eligible to serve a second year, be sure you’ve filled out the paperwork too!

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Fall Committee and Taskforce Appointments

While we are all caught in the throes of summer reading, I want to take a minute to remind everyone to look forward to the fall! That’s because, as President-Elect, I’ll be making appointments to the following YALSA committees and taskforces:

*Please note that the PPYA Committee is being piloted as an all-virtual committee for the coming year. YALSA members with book selection and evaluation experience and who are comfortable working in an online environment with tools like ALA Connect, Google Docs, Skype, etc. should put their names forward for consideration.

The Fine Print Continue reading Fall Committee and Taskforce Appointments

Free Teen Tech Week Webinar – Register today!

Are you ready to Check in @ your library? Be sure to check in with YALSA first by registering for YALSA’s complimentary Teen Tech Week webinar , “Check In: Maker Spaces 101, Teens, and You” taking place February 7th from 2 to 3 pm EST. Continue reading Free Teen Tech Week Webinar – Register today!