Apps, Apps, Apps – From Discovering to Utilizing

Are you a fan of YALSA’s App of the Week? Looking to incorporate more apps into your library programming? Wondering how to get apps into the library at all? Join Erin Daly, YALSA blogger and Youth Services Coordinator for a look at apps in the library. You’ll get an introduction to some of the post popular apps, program ideas, and tips for staying up to date in the wide world of apps. For a sneak peek of what’s in store, grab your tablet or mobile device, download Letter Press from the app store, and then get ready for more ideas during the January 16th webinar at 2 pm EST. To register, click here:

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Connect Create Collaborate : My Non-Library World World

I love being part of the library world. It’s such a great opportunity to talk with fellow YALSA members about what they are reading, what they are doing in their libraries, to discover ways libraries are using technology to build audiences, to see how missions and functions shift, and so much more.

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Join YALSA for a Midwinter Hack Jam!

Get a pair of x-ray goggles that really work! While these may not see through a steel plate, they can see right through the Internet!

YALSA is pleased to host a demonstration of one of the Mozilla Foundation’s newest tools: the Hackasaurus web x-ray goggles. This javascript app gives teens – and anybody else – the tools to discover the rich world of code hiding just beneath the surface and gives them the ability to remix the web. Continue reading Join YALSA for a Midwinter Hack Jam!

Mix Up Your Programming This March!

It’s time to get digital once again, as Teen Tech Week rolls around for 2011! This year’s theme is Mix and Match, encouraging teens to create content and share it with others across a broad network of users. It’s always an exciting time to encourage out of the box technology programming for teens, and a great opportunity to begin tech programs for teens if your library doesn’t have such programs set up.

First, let’s start with the basic Teen Tech Time. This is your opportunity to open up your library to computer based programs, with simple, self guided computer sessions. You reserve a bank of computers or laptops for a certain hour, and encourage teens to sign up with you. It’s important to note that these sessions are provided in addition to the teen’s regular internet appointment, rather than superseding it. Teens are able to use the additional time to hang out and mess around with the technology they are interested in, rather than having to choose to divide their single daily appointment between fun use and homework use. If you have have laptops and a programming space, Teen Tech Time can help you create a miniature teen space, one where they can be louder and more social around the computers than they could be on the main floor.
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Win $1,000 and speak up for libraries at Library Advocacy Day

Budget blues getting you down? Wondering how to get your voice heard? Want to stand up for libraries? Get ready for National Library Advocacy Day, this year’s re-imagined National Library Legislative Day on June 29th, 2010, in conjunction with ALA’s Annual Convention in Washington, DC.

Thanks to the Friends of YALSA, funding has been provided for five YALSA members to receive up to $1,000 in travel stipends to attend the event. The deadline for applications is next Friday, April 30th, so fill out your application (PDF) or (Word) today.

Applications and information on eligibility and selection criteria are available here.’  You can also check out Stephanie Kuenn’s post for the complete list of instructions.

See you on Capitol Hill!

Dollars and Sense #23 : Your In-House Specialists

Some of your best program leaders may already be attending your programs. They’re sitting there, watching you struggle to cut the snow flake from the recycled printer paper, thinking the whole time about the really awesome program they want to run. Yes, one way to enhance your programming during lean times is to involve your teens as workshops leaders.

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And now it’s over

After all the build-up and excitement of the 2009 American Library Association Annual Conference in Chicago, it’s now over. Attendees are heading back to their respective positions to implement new new programs, develop new strategies, and apply new techniques to the field. And, of course, share all the exciting news with colleagues.

But what if you’ve forgotten that pithy quote, the moment of wit, the sharp phrase? Well, thanks to Twitter and hashtags, you can quickly search for your favorite ALA moments.
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Project Library – how you can make it work

Anti-Prom 2009: \”Vam-Prom,\” Episode 1

So, teens and fashion. They go together pretty well, right? Teens take clothes, modify them to suit their mood, personality, and taste. They share accessories (no matter what adults might say about hygiene), share shirts, and even swap pants in the middle of the day. Now, imagine pairing teens’ natural interest in fashion with the resources of a library. Still with me? Okay, now imagine that you can put together teens, fashion, and Tim Gunn. Now I’ve lost you, right? But this is exactly what we were able to do for Project Library, where fashion focused teens worked with Tim Gunn to sketch an outfit that could appear at the 5th Annual Anti-Prom : Vam-Prom at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of The New York Public Library.

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Can You Booktalk Using 140 Characters or Less?

What are your Friday night plans in the Mile High City? Lisa, Beth, Erin, and I are all going to be at the YALSA Tech Playground, showing off all sorts of applications, gadgets, and programs that you could use to connect with your teens. But beyond gizmos, we’re also going to be having a little challenge!

It’s time to break out your inner competitor for a chance to win the title of America’s Next Top Booktalker! Pick your favorite title, hop up on stage, and show off your booktalking prowess. See tips and tricks, feedback and suggestions come in via Twitter.

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