Connect, Create, Collaborate: Teen-Created Summer Reading Program

Last month one of my Twitter friends tweeted that the administration at her library had just approved an entirely teen-planned summer reading program. A few weeks later, she posted a picture of some art in progress and I knew I had to get the full story. Below is an interview with Faythe Arredondo about her 2013 summer reading program, created in collaboration with her teen advisory group and featuring teen-created art, videos and more. All images are provided by her. [Note: the interview has been edited for length and clarity]

Hard at work on next summer’s SRP.

Emily: ‘ Let’s start by talking about how you and your teens made the decision to go with a teen-planned program.

Faythe: I was lucky enough to have a TAG meeting the day after the summer reading program ended and get their immediate feedback on what they liked and didn’t like. ‘ Internally, the staff was trying to decide what summer reading program to sign up for next year between the Collaborative Summer Reading Program and iRead. I wasn’t too thrilled with either theme, so when I met with my TAG I asked them if they were interested in coming up with their own theme and they were. ‘ When I met with them again, I gave them some hard deadlines and said if they couldn’t get it done in the time frame I wanted, we would go with CSLP. In the next hour they came up with the theme, the slogan and a basic outline of who they wanted it to run.

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