Thinking Outside the Booze Box

What’s all the buzz?’  There has not been this much tweeting since John Corey Whaley won this year’s Printz and Morris Awards!

The initial announcement about Booze for Books, scheduled for April 12, 2012, sure stirred a heated debate.’  While the title says Booze, the event does not have to include booze, and is your opportunity to help raise funds to get books into the hands of needy teens. It’s all a part of YALSA’s Books for Teens initiative.

Options Galore ‘ After reading the initial post about Booze for Books, many YALSA blog readers posted other options for events that don’t incorporate alcohol.’  Janene suggested “Burgers for Books!”’  Beth mentioned quite a few “Pizza for Pages,” “Tea for Teens,” and “Chocolate for a Cause.” Another Beth wrote “Mocktails for a Mission.”’  YALSA’s first Booze for Books fundraiser can be adapted to meet your community’s needs.’  The core idea of this fundraiser is to raise money for Books for Teens, which connects at-risk teenagers with books.’  A novel idea!
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