28 Days of Advocacy #15- Advocacy is Only as Strong as Your Allies

When we talk about gaining support for teen services, we often look through a lens of direct supervisors, administrators, and board members. Sometimes the lens changes to those of our youth services colleagues who may not be gung ho about teen services. The teen services advocate however, should never underestimate the potential of support from all levels and departments of staff.’  Building allies, even in the more unlikely areas of your organization can reap enormous and surprising benefits.
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28 Days of Advocacy #8 – How a Teen Services Vision can be a Solid Advocacy Tool

Does your organization have a teen services vision? If so, great! If not, it may be time to think about one.

A teen services vision can have a variety of applications including defining partnerships with community agencies and also solidifying teen services within your organization.’  If you have a teen services vision, drafted and agreed upon by teen services staff, you have a statement
that can:

  • Act as a guide for teen services priority and decision-making.
  • Act as a clear indicator that teen services staff speak with one voice and has a vision beyond the immediate work of teen services. Continue reading