I'm a high school Library Media Instructional Technology Specialist (LMITS) at Kearns High in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our district has recently combined a traditional librarian position with the technology specialist position. So I manage the library, troubleshoot technology issues, and collaborate with teachers on technology project and information literacy. I love it!

28 Days of Advocacy #17 – Not Your Grandma’s Library

iPods synching the ‘Best of YouTube’ podcasts with earbuds around necks and hanging out of shirts collars.’  Bodies lounging on “poosh” pillows while texting with one hand.’  Email, VoiceThreads, and Flickr on computer screens.’  Conversation!’  Comfy chairs filled with engrossed readers on digital devices…

Library of the future? No, this could (and should) be the library media center of today!

School libraries in the 21st century should no longer be a place filled only with print materials.’  They should be evolving into interactive media centers filled with high speed Internet connections capable of reaching global audiences.’  They should have a full range of technology tools (such as iTouch’s, Flipcam’s, document cameras, digital cameras, etc.) available for teacher checkout.’ ‘  They should feature new titles and current information resources – both online and in print.’  And most important, they should contain active and interested students before, after and during school hours. Continue reading