YALSA President’s Report – October 2011

Monthly President’s Report – October 2011

October was a busy month for me and for all YALSA members, as we celebrated Teen Read Weekâ„¢ October 16-22. It was great to see all the creative projects that members did with their teens to celebrate TRW. Over 9000 teens voted in the Teens’ Top Ten.

Below is a summary of activities that I have completed or am working on.

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YALSA President’s Report – September 2011

Monthly President’s Report – September 2011

Below is a summary of activities that I have completed or am working on.

Completed Tasks

  • Committee Chairs:
    • Had phone conversations with several YALSA committee chairs about the work of their committees.
  • Board Activities:
    • Participated in September 7 Board chat on how the YALSA Board can be involved with Planned Giving and fundraising.
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30 Days of How-To #21: How to change policies

Last week, we talked about evaluating your library’s policies and determining whether they were appropriate and reasonable for teens. If you concluded that some changes are needed, it’s time to think about how to make those changes.

  • ‘ You will want to proceed carefully and thoughtfully. Policies are not written in a vacuum, and there will have been reasons behind every policy or procedure. If possible, find out what those reasons are. Find out the background of the policies—is this a new policy, or a time-honored one? Continue reading 30 Days of How-To #21: How to change policies

30 Days of How-to #14: How to Look at Policies

Recently I was looking online at public library behavior policies. I was astonished at how negative many of the policies were—full of “don’ts” and “These activities prohibited.” Now, I understand that libraries need standards. I also understand that library workers are often confrontation-averse, and prefer to have a written rule to point at when telling a patron not to do something. The fact that teens in particular are inclined to respond to a reprimand with a “Where does it say that?” adds to the desire to have everything written clearly. Continue reading 30 Days of How-to #14: How to Look at Policies

Monthly President’s Report

Monthly YALSA President’s Report – August 2011

Below is a summary of activities that I have completed or am working on.

Completed Tasks

  • Committee Chairs:
    • Had phone conversations with several YALSA committee chairs.
    • Participated in conference calls with the chairs of Strategic Planning and 2011 Awards & Lists Marketing Taskforce.
    • Had a phone conversation with Linda Braun, chair of the Financial Advancement Committee, about ways to build up the’ Leadership Endowment.
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YALSA President’s Monthly Report

Monthly President’s Report – July 2011

My first month as YALSA President has been a busy one. Below is a summary of activities that I have completed or am working on.

Completed Tasks

  • Presented two webinars for new chairs of ‘ process committees, task forces, and juries about their roles and responsibilities.
  • Presented (with Beth Yoke) a webinar for new board members about the relationship of YALSA and ALA.
  • Had phone conversations with several YALSA committee chairs about the upcoming work of their committees.
  • Had phone conversation with Lesley Farmer, YALSA’s IFLA representative, about the upcoming IFLA Conference and about what information about YALSA she should share there.
  • Set up the @yalsapresident Twitter account, and began tweeting information about YALSA activities and linking to articles on teens and libraries.
  • Filled a vacancy on the Best Fiction for Young Adults committee.
  • Appointed members to a task force charged to write a manual for the Odyssey Award Committee.

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Post-Conference Report

I’m back from New Orleans and ALA Annual Conference, where, among many other things that happened, I was formally installed as the new president of YALSA for the upcoming year. I was delighted to meet so many of you: at the YALSA Happy Hour, at the Strategic Planning session, at the membership meeting, at the Odyssey Award and Printz Award ceremonies, on the exhibit floor, at the speed networking event, and many other places. I was once again reassured that YALSA has the best members of any division in ALA, and I know you will all help me as I focus on my theme for the year: Building the Future.

I will be making regular blog posts throughout the year (and don’t forget also to follow me on Twitter–@yalsapresident), but for now, I want to give some highlights from the four YALSA Board sessions that occurred at Annual.

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Dispatch from D.C.

On Monday and Tuesday, YALSA President Kim Patton, YALSA Executive Director Beth Yoke, and I went to Washington, D.C., to represent YALSA at National Library Legislative Day. On Monday, we met with several hundred other librarians and library supporters from 49 states for some briefings from ALA’s Washington Office staff. They gave us information about the current state of appropriations and other library-related legislation. They gave us tips on talking to legislators and their staffs, and an overview of the current climate on the Hill.

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Committee update

Many thanks to all the YALSA members who have so generously volunteered their time to be on YALSA’s process committees, juries, and task forces. Most committees for the 2011-12 year have been filled, but there are a few spaces left–and of course, there will be openings throughout the year as events occur and new task forces are created.

If you live in southern California and would be interested in helping out with local arrangements for ALA Annual 2012 in Anaheim, please let me know right away (sarahflowers@charter.net).

A few committees won’t be filled until after the election results are known at the end of the week. Two of those are Strategic Planning and Organization and Bylaws, so if you have an interest in either, you should let me know this week.

Thank you again to everyone who sent in a volunteer form. It has been a great experience for me to get to know something about so many YALSA members. We could not do all the things we do without you!

Sarah Flowers, YALSA President-Elect

Appointments Update

Thanks to all of you who submitted volunteer forms for YALSA’s process committees, task forces and juries. I am in the process of sifting through them now. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be appointing chairs for the 2011-12 committees, and after those are all set, I will appoint members.

So if you submitted a form and haven’t heard anything yet, don’t worry. The appointments process is like a massive juggling act, and it takes some time!

Thanks for all you do for YALSA.

Sarah Flowers, YALSA President-Elect