Libraries Responding to the Needs of African American Male Youth

Did you know that African American male youth are disproportionately affected by failing schools and a lack of quality educational opportunities?  Did you know that consequently, their life outcomes and opportunities are disproportionately constrained compared to their peers in the dominant white cultural group?

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Updated Annotated Bibliography of Current Research Related to YA Services

The YALSA Research Committee has completed an annotated bibliography entitled “Current Research Related to Young Adult Services, 2006-2009.” The articles included in the bibliography are listed under seven subject headings: 1) information seeking behavior, 2) intellectual freedom, 3) the Internet and other electronic resources, 4) public library services to teens, 5) school library services to teens, 6) young adult literature and teen’s reading, and 7) major non-LIS research studies related to teens.

The bibliography can be found at: