Coordinator of Young Adult Services at Brooklyn Public Library; Chair of YALSA Strategic Planning Committee

Win Prizes by Entering YALSA’s Great Idea Contest

You’re invited to step outside the box, get creative,’  and share your GREAT IDEAS with YALSA.’  YALSA is tapping into the collective brain to come up with some great new ideas to help keep the organization fresh and in sync with the goals outlined in the recently updated Strategic Plan.’  Here’s what to do:’  Align one of your great ideas for YALSA with the 5 Goals in YALSA’s Strategic Plan– 1) Advocacy ‘ 2)Marketing’  3) Research’  4) Continuous Learning’  5) Member Recruitment and Engagement.’ 

Submit the YALSA Great Ideas Contest Application‘ along with a 1-2 page proposal as a single email attachment to‘ by May 1st 2009. ‘ Be sure to include: 1)’  A description of your idea, including the goals, objectives and how it can best be implemented’  2) Statement regarding how this idea helps advance a particular goal or strategy’  3) Expenses- please list any potential expenses and estimate the total cost’  4) Overall impact on membership (what are the results expected from the idea and who is affected). Continue reading