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YA Lit Symposium Odds & Ends

The first ever YA Literature Symposium has ended, but that doesn’t mean the blog postings on the programs and the people who attended won’t continue. Over the next few weeks we’ll post audio podcasts recorded by a few attendees at the Symposium. Also, as we collect PowerPoint and other files that speakers make available, we’ll make sure that you have access to them here. Continue reading

Facebook Ramps Up

Last week Facebook held an event to announce new features and tools it is launching for its users. MySpace continues to have the largest user-base, but with the news announced by Facebook, the competition now has a better chance of making a larger dent into MySpace’s dominance.

What these new tools allow Facebook users to do is integrate social networking technologies into their Facebook accounts. For example, Picnik allows Facebook users to edit images without leaving the Facebook platform. Or the Feedburner application allows Facebook users to read their RSS feeds within their Facebook page – no need to go to another site, software, or window. The Twitter add-on allows users to post Tweets right from within their Facebook account.

What this looks like is that Facebook is possibly poised to become an all-in-one landing and jumping off page for teens – and others – on the web.

Now, if that’s the case, imagine if a teen logged into Facebook and along with reading his RSS feeds, editing his images, managing his calendar, and so on, he could also search the library catalog and databases, chat with a librarian, and create tag clouds of favorite authors, titles, or genres? What if librarians, vendors, or others created applications for Facebook that brought the library to the Facebook users home page? How cool would that be?

You can read more about what’s going on with Facebook at Mashable – which did a great job of highlighting the new Facebook apps and giving an idea of what the news is really about.