Be sure to welcome new members at the conference

Once again YALSA will have 2 types of general member ribbons at the Annual Conference: just plain ol’ “member” ribbons (orange) and “new member” ribbons (now in peach!). If you happen to see anyone wearing a “new member” ribbon, please be sure to approach them and welcome them. As you well know, the ALA conference can be quite daunting for 1st timers, so anything you do to make newbies feel more relaxed and welcome is greatly appreciated. We now have 5,122 members, which is about 500 more members than we had this time last year.

Also, be on the lookout for new “YALSA Author” ribbons. You can chat with these individuals about how you can get your book published with YALSA. You’re also likely to see “Friend of YALSA” ribbons. Ask these members about why they think making a monetary donation to YALSA is worthwhile, or find out for yourself by going to and clicking on “Give to YALSA” from the left menu.

Thanks for all the hard work you do for YALSA, and we’re excited to be seeing you all in New Orleans! I am in the YALSA office through Tuesday, and Nichole and Esther will be in the office through Wednesday. If you need to find us in the convention center, the ALA/YALSA office area is level 2 in the La Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom.
-Posted by Beth Yoke

New Orleans is Ready for ALA!

Hello all,

Well, we are finally getting some rain…so hopefully we can get out of the 100+ year drought…worse drought in New Orleans since record keeping began.

The buzz word in the city is “The librarians are coming!” Taxi drivers are excited and ready…first big convention since Katrina.

The major hotel chains have brought in additional workers from their other properties to make sure we all have a good time. The weather will be hot(as we all know, plus the usual humidity…so bring cool and comfortable clothes).

Starting on Monday, June 19th, the city is suppose to do a major clean-up of the Convention Center area, Central Business District (CBD) and the French Quarter.

New Orleans has come along way since Katrina….especially the areas that ALA will be using. A large part of the city is still a hurricane war torn disaster.

The only other thing I would suggest you bring with you is a supply of patience. Some things move a little slower, make take longer, but the people are more than willing to go out their way to give you a warm welcome. If you need assistance, directions, etc. please ask ’em.

See you this week!

Terry Young
YALSA’s Local Arrangements Chair
-Posted by Beth Yoke from yalsacom

Trends and Teens

Posted by Linda W. Braun

The other day I was catching up in my podcast listening and My Space came up, once again, on TWIT (This Week in Tech.) The group discussing various technology topics on the show for that week, mentioned that recently there have been a few articles that focus on My Space know longer being considered cool by teenagers.

I thought the group discussing this had an interesting point. They said, that the teens already using My Space would be likely to stay since that is where their friends are. But, they said, pre-teens and early teens who aren’t yet on My Space, and aren’t into the web-based social networking environment yet, will very likely use something else.

So, what is that something else? Anyone have ideas?

Melissa T. Jenvey, TAGS Committee Chair

Well the dog days of summer are not far off and Summer Reading has been in full swing but what about TAGs? Here at Teen Central we are taking the summer to regroup and come up with a plan for next year talking about projects and programs that our TAG will be heading up. The summer can go either way…the TAG can be up and running strong or sleeping late and days at the pool can seem much more attractive to TAG members.

What are some of the activities that you use to keep you TAG involved during the summer? What are some of the strategies that people have found worked best when your TAG started to drag? Does anyone have a virtual TAG during the summer?

Announcing LibLand for SLIS Students

A few ALA staff and members put together a wiki geared toward Library Science students and new librarians. It’s a work in progress, so please feel free to add information or suggest improvements. The wiki includes contact info and links to all of the ALA student chapters, blogs and web sites for new librarians, information about ALA resources specifically for students and more.
Posted by Beth Yoke

New Orleans Conference Savoir faire

Stephen Abram,VP for Innovation at SirsiDynix, has offered some fantastic conference tips on his blog Stephen’s Lighthouse.
Some of the tips I found invaluable for conference planning:

  • Make your most ambitious schedule in advance allowing for alternatives if you have more or less time
  • Remember your business cards (make some if you don’t have any)
  • Wear comfortable shoes (I actually trashed a pair of shoes in San Antonio and bought a new pair!)

Come hear Stephen speak as a guest of YALSA’s Technology for YA’s committee. Don’t miss “The Kids are Alright! Millennials and their Information Behaviors” on Sunday morning June 25, 2006 from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM at the Morial Convention Center room: Rm. 283-85.

Meg Canada

One Week Out

Posted by Linda W. Braun

It’s just a week before conference and I’m thinking about how to make sure I know where to be when I need to be there. I think the easiest way to do that is with ALA’s Event Planner.

To access the Event Planner visit the ALA Conference page and select the Event Planner link. You will have to log in to use the planner but once that’s done it’s pretty easy to add events – both conference programs and events and your own personal meetings, dinners, lunches, drinks, coffee, etc.

I usually start by searching out YALSA meetings and programs. Then I expand my world by searching for programs or meetings sponsored by other Divisions. In the end I find it really helpful to see all of my plans in calendar format.

In the old days it was possible to transfer the planner pretty easily to a PDA. That’s changed. But, what I now do print my planner as a pdf file and then transfer that file to my device. Of course ultimately it would be great to be able to integrate the planner info. into my device calendar. That day will come…

Here’s What It Means to Miss New Orleans

New Orleans is ready and waiting for librarians.

My husband and I haven’t missed a Mardi Gras in 15 years, and when we were there in February, we heard over and over from everyone how happy and grateful they were that the librarians would be back in June. Let’s show this gallant city what we know to be true, that libraries change lives.

This year, more than ever before, this most unique of American cities will welcome our support as we gather to share our strengths and as YALSA kicks off plans for celebrating our 50th anniversary as an organization. 2007 is going to be quite a party!

In the meantime…

  • Read With Your Ears at YALSA’s audiobooks precon Friday
  • Laugh with Jack Gantos, David Lubar, Mo Willems and Lisa Yee at Friday evening’s Booklist Forum
  • Celebrate Jackie Woodson as the 2006 Margaret A. Edwards winner at Saturday’s luncheon
  • Cheer for the 2006 Printz Award winners at Monday’s reception
  • Take a second look at 21st century YA lit at Pam Spencer Holley’s President’s Program
  • Meet with library partners in the exhibit hall, and
  • Network with colleagues as you enrich yourself with excellent programs.

All in a very special location, New Orleans.

Too much to miss even one minute. See you there.

Mary Arnold
Co-Chair, YALSA 50th Anniversary Committee

Special Registration Rate at ALA Conference

ALA is now offering a special one-day rate for Monday, June 26, during the Annual Conference in New Orleans (June 22-28). Members may attend for $99, and non-members will pay $125. Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday will be at the regular rate.

YALSA has a day full of great YA events for those who plan to come on Monday:

  • AASL/ALSC/YALSA Joint Youth Council Caucus
  • I Can Get My Teens to Review Anything & You Can, Too
  • YALSA’s President’s Program, “How Adult is Young Adult”
  • YALSA’s Membership Meeting
  • Michael L. Printz Award Program & Reception

For program descriptions, locations and registration go online

To learn more about the special Monday registration rate, click here.

We hope to see you in New Orleans!
Posted by Beth Yoke