Who Owns Common Sense?

Along for the Ride CoverIt started with a tweet. A student in an online young adult literature class that I teach mentioned a blog post by Sarah Dessen (scroll down to number 5), about Barnes & Noble’s use of Common Sense Media ratings on the B&N web site. The student tweet asked what members of the class thought about the use of these ratings in this way.

If you aren’t familiar with Common Sense Media ratings, you can easily find out about them by searching the Barnes & Noble site for any book that’s a favorite of teens. Search for Dessen’s Along for the Ride Continue reading Who Owns Common Sense?

Cross-Generational Voices on Digital Media and Society

Global Kids, Common Sense Media, and the GoodPlay Project have teamed up to present FOCUS. A multi-week web-bases set of online dialogues about digital life that is aimed to help put parents, teens, and teachers in touch with one another. Topics covered include privacy, identity, and several others. The discussions will take place April 13-May 4.’  Continue reading Cross-Generational Voices on Digital Media and Society