2011 The Year That….

I’ve been thinking about the past year’s news stories that have an impact on teens and the library service we provide to them. The Storify below highlights a few (it is far from everything) of the stories that have captured librarian and/or teen attention. What 2011 news stories do you think are important to teens and librarians? If you have something to add, post it in the comments.
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App of the Week: Pearltrees

Title: Pearltrees
Platform: iPad (iOS 3.2 or later)
Cost: Free

PearltreesI’ve known about the Pearltrees website for quite awhile but never found using it that easy or intuitive. Then I read the review of the new Pearltrees iPad app on ReadWriteWeb and thought, “I have to try this out.” The idea of the service is to provide users the ability to create visual mind map curated lists of websites. (The websites are the pearls on the tree in Pearltrees.) Once I started working with the iPad app I realized there is a lot of potential in the idea of a curated list of websites represented in a mind map. This is particularly true because of all of the features available in the Pearltrees app. Continue reading