Run for YALSA Board in 2019!

Interested in Serving on YALSA’s Board of Directors?

The YALSA Board Development Committee is looking for candidates for next year’s slate for the following positions: President-Elect, Secretary, and Directors-at-Large.  Successful candidates will stand for election in the spring of 2019 and begin their term during at the ALA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

For more information on the responsibilities of each role on the Board, please visit the Governance page which includes some handy links under the topic Get Involved in Governance & Leadership.

Are you ready to put your name forward? Please submit the online nomination form soon and a committee member will be in touch.

Not quite ready yet?  Please feel free to contact me, the Board Development Committee Chair, at with any questions or to request additional information.  

The Board Development Committee will also be hosting YALSA 301 at Annual 2018 in New Orleans on Saturday, June 23, from 9-10 am. Pencil it in and hope to see you there! If you can’t make it, we’ll have a virtual session this summer, too.

Thank you for considering if YALSA Board is right for you!

YALSAblog News of the Month – November 2016

Welcome to the YALSAblog News of the Month. In this post we highlight a few news items from the past month that we think are of interest to staff working with teens in libraries, schools, and youth development organizations.

YALSA 2013 Election Results

YALSA has announced the results of its election!

Candidate results are as follows. Thank you to all who ran for office this year!

YALSA President-Elect

Chris Shoemaker

YALSA Board of Directors

Maureen Hartman
Krista McKenzie

Edwards Committee

Alicia Blowers
Sophie Brookover
Gail Zachariah

Printz Committee

Robin Brenner
Diane Colson
Angela Frederick
Shelly McNerney

Nonfiction Committee

Todd Krueger
Drue Wagner Mees
Joy Millam
Brenna Shanks

Visit ALA’s web site for their election results.

Call for nominations for Edwards, Nonfiction, and Printz Award Committees


Although the 2013 spring election to select the new members of the Edwards, Nonfiction, and Printz Award Committees is still ongoing, members of the 2014 Award Nominating Committee — ‘ Joy Kim, Stephanie Anne Squicciarini, Patti Tjomsland, Rollie Welch, and Pam Spencer Holley — are already at work collecting and vetting viable candidates for next spring’s election. That process which will continue through August of this year, when candidate names will be submitted to the YALSA Board.

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YALSA Election 2012: The Award Slate

Are you excited about the YALSA elections? They are coming up soon (March 19th-April 27th), and your participation is vital! This is your chance to help determine the who will be deciding on those books featured in our wonderful awards in the next few years. Many positions are appointed, but three lists rely on elections to fully populate them. This year the positions open on the YALSA awards slate are (the full slate with candidates is available on the YALSAblog):

  • Margaret A Edwards
  • Excellence in Nonfiction
  • Michael L. Printz

While you are no doubt very familiar with the awards themselves, you might be less familiar with what is expected of the folks serving on those committees.
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YALSA 2012 Election Slate

YALSA’s 2012 Nominating Committee has finalized the 2012 Election Slate. Elections will take place March 19 to April 27 as part of the annual ALA Election. To vote in the YALSA election, your membership must be current as of Jan. 31, 2012. Coming to ALA’s Midwinter Meeting? Bring your election questions to Coffee with the Candidates, 10:30 a.m. to noon, on Sunday, Jan. 22. Election results will be announced May 4.

After the jump, see the full slate

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YALSA Podcast #90: Interviews with the Candidates for YALSA Secretary

This episode’ continues the podcast’s coverage of YALSA’s 2011 elections.’  The guests this time are Krista McKenzie and Sarajo Wentling, who are both running this year for the office of Secretary of YALSA’s Board of Directors.

Interviews with 2011 Candidates for YALSA Secretary

If you prefer, you may download the podcast at the’ YALSA Podcast site and transfer the file to the mp3 player of your choice.

You can find the full ballot of everyone running this year online here. Voting this year begins in March.

YALSA/ALA Elections Now Open

It’s time to vote in the ALA/YALSA Election! On March 16, ALA began emailing ballot information to all members whose memberships were current as of Jan. 31 of this year. The email contains the URL and login for your specific ballot. It is the only way for you to access your ballot.

If you haven’t received your election information via email, contact ALA at or by phone at 1-800-545-2433,’  ext. 5, to verify your eligibility and get your ballot information sent to you.

Voting will be open until April 23, and results will be available on April 30.

As you prepare to vote, you may find the following links helpful:

Get Ready for the 2010 Elections

As the Outgoing chairperson of the YALSA Nominating Committee, I wanted to remind everyone that the 2010 ALA and YALSA election season is just around the corner.’  Online voting begins in less than two months on March 16th and ends April 23rd.’  Members who wish to vote in the upcoming 2010 election must have their membership current as of January 31st, 2010 – just 10 days from today.’ ‘  If you are planning to renew your membership, doing so before the January 31st deadline will ensure that you are eligible to vote in the 2010 election. Continue reading

YALSA’s 2010 Election Slate

YALSA has finalized its slate of candidates for the 2010 election. Thanks to Nominating Chair Paula Brehm-Heeger and her committee for her hard work. The full slate is posted after the jump or on the YALSA website. If you’re coming to ALA’s Midwinter Meeting in Boston, YALSA will host a candidates’ forum, where you can ask questions of those running for office. Voting will begin March 16 and end April 23, concurrent with ALA’s election.

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