App of the Week: Flashcardlet

Title: Flashcardlet (also called Flashcards* in the App Store)

Cost: Free or $2.99 for no advertisements

Platform:‘┬áiPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Finals and AP exams are almost (or already!) here for many of the teens we serve. Top-rated study applications can help students organize their notes and prepare for end of the semester tests. This week’s app, Flashcardlet, lets teens create, share, and use study materials anywhere.

There are several flashcard apps out there, but students that need more than text to study will appreciate Flashcardlet’s features. A step beyond the traditional pen and paper flashcard, this app allows you to view images. Create your own deck or download one from to study SAT vocabulary, science and math diagrams, art history, or any other subject imaginable. If you find or make a study deck that will be useful for a friend, share it by using Dropbox or email. Continue reading App of the Week: Flashcardlet