At the end of November, I posted this here in regards to Geocaching and that GITA is an organization in Colorado that lends GPS units to organizations such as’ schools and libraries.

Last week I finally got everything in place to launch a system wide geocaching event in conjunction with our Big Read program, which centers around To Kill a Mockingbird (well, almost everything-I’ll fill you in on that later).

Tonight I received a positive comment from a participant as posted on the site and am feeling jazzed. The bolded emphasis is mine.
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GITA, the Geospatial Information & Technology Association has a program called Location in Education where educators can borrow 10-15 GPS units (like the one pictured here), free of charge except for shipping and handling.

The units only work outdoors since they depend on signals from satellites that will give the unit longitude and latitude coordinates. People then can use these units to locate treasures that have been hidden around town. Many libraries already have scavenger hunts and chances are that teens will pick up pretty easily on using these devices. If you have the opportunity, try them out with staff first-they’ll discover how easy and fun they are to use. Continue reading