Teens Drop CDs in Favor of Digital Downloads

A new NPD group study shows that 48% of teens did not buy a CD in 2007, down further from the 38% that was reported in 2006. This is the same time iTunes is announced as being the #2 music retailer, only behind Wal-Mart (though sales projections show that Wal-Mart is set to be overtaken later this year). Meanwhile, some music service providers raised hackles at the Digital Music Forum by claiming that the only way to serve people’s digital music needs is to operate illegally.

With more and more light being cast on new generations of teens and their propensity toward media convenience and digital downloads, the RIAA has stepped up its legislative agenda, lobbying against net neutrality and has sponsored net filtering mandates as part of state funding for universities. Could libraries be facing similar legislation down the road, which would disallow libraries from letting users download digital content? If the RIAA continues to run amok, we could very well be seeing it introduced soon! Then maybe the next Teen Tech Week could include a contest for teens to name the legislation restricting their access to digital media at their library. My vote is for ODPA (the Online Download Protection Act).

Movies online

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, announced yesterday their plan to make available over 75 full length films online through the company’s iTunes store and be able to view them on an iPod, computer screen, or stream them to a tv. The iTV which is due out in 2007 will sell for about $300 will allow people to watch movies purchased online and other digital content stored on a computer. Video game downloads will also be available through the iTunes store.

Also last week, Amazon announced their ‘Unboxed’ movie download service where movies will be sold for $8-$15 (comparable to Apple).

What do people think? What are we already doing as libraries in relation to the availability of movies online? How can we as libraries tap into iTunes and what are we already doing?

Posted by Kelly Czarnecki