Money Matters

Now, don’t let the word “money” cause you to avert your eyes!! This post isn’t going to cause any anxiety! At least, I hope not….

Last year you elected me as YALSA Fiscal Officer. Since then I have been working hard to learn about YALSA’s financial dealings. Before I took this position I had several misunderstandings about money issues and YALSA. I suspect many of you do as well. One of my goals during my tenure is to make YALSA’s financial picture more transparent so we all can be better informed. Watch for upcoming blogposts on such topics as what the Division does with your dues, why ALA conference registration is not the same as state conference registration, and how your donations to Friends of YALSA fit into the bigger financial picture.

We will begin with some myth-busting! Here are four common myths about YALSA finances:

MONEY MYTH #1 — YALSA gets money from ALA

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Power, Prestige, Money…

Okay, the power and prestige may take more time, but the money is here and now. Being awarded a research grant is a great career-booster, earning respect for you and your institution.

I’m talking about the Frances Henne/YALSA/VOYA Research Grant, which annually awards $1,000 for the best research proposal submitted by a YALSA member.

Here are the basics: This grant of $1000 provides seed money for small-scale projects that will encourage research that responds to the YALSA Research Agenda.

For details and how to apply for the 2011 Frances Henne YALSA/VOYA Research Grant, visit the YALSA Web site at

Don’t miss out!’  Applications for the grant are due in the YALSA Office by Dec. 1.