Celebrating women

This evening, Nikki Giovanni visited a nearby college. There are some people that I do not want to miss hearing speak in my lifetime if possible. Dr. Giovanni was inspiring, humorous, and honest. She interpreted her book Rosa, filled with so much background since she was friends for many years with Rosa Parks. She also showed us her tattoo in honor of Tupac. My friend that went with me, told me how she was reading Nikki’s poem’s before this evening and that a seventeen year old female at the library was interested as well-reading what Giovanni wrote twenty years ago. I admire my friend. Nikki said that teens need to be courageous in today’s world. She graciously agreed to be taped for our library podcast and she praised technology a lot.

Feel free to share a story about fictional or real women that inspire you.

Posted by Kelly Czarnecki


I’m curious in what ways librarians relax and why. Sometimes I think it is important to talk about who we are and what we do when we’re not librarians, gamers, fighting/educating about DOPA, promoting literacy, TABs, going to meetings, etc. Yeah, right. I’m not one to speak. My coworkers might get emails at midnight. They might get them at 6am and ask me, what in the world? I grew up with a father who was his job first (a policeman) and father secondary-maybe that’s where I get some of my work ethic from (not always admirable).

When Michael Stephens presented last week at my library, he asked the audience if they are able to play at work. How many are able to? Maybe I’m looking for answers. I don’t think I can ever stop loving what I do and feel my work is finished.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m volunteering 11 hours at a local literary festival. Nikki Giovanni, Omar Tyree and over eighty other authors will be there. Teen volunteers and other colleagues will be helping me to promote the library. Part of me feels where else do I want to be? The other part-I found an outdoor labyrinth to walk in the town that I live. The first one I ever walked was in was San Francisco. That’s where I’ll be after the festival. I know I’ll be smiling.

Posted by Kelly Czarnecki