28 Days of Teens & Tech #15: Keep It in the Cloud

Google’s Cr-48 Chrome Notebook pilot program generated a lot of buzz in the tech community when, late last year, laptops started appearing on people’s doorsteps–laptops with solid-state hard drives, no capslock keys, and built-in WiFi and 3G capabilities. The laptops were sent to people who, as Google put it, were “living on the web […] doing everything in the browser, from using web apps to storing all your files online.”

You can take their quiz to find out if you’re living on the web–but teens most definitely are. As adults, I think we get pretty settled into having our own computers at home, our own computers at work, and moving back and forth between them. But teens may be sharing a family computer at home, using computer labs at school, and doing homework and playing games on the computers at the library; they lead much more fluid technological lives with fewer fixed points. We need to be familiar with websites, apps, programs, and services that allow the user identical access from multiple devices–with things that keep their data in the cloud.

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App of the Week: Words with Friends

Title: Words with Friends
Platform:’  iPod Touch, iPad, ‘ iPhone
Cost:’  free-$2.99′ 

Also available in HD version for iPad for $2.99

At the beginning of the school year I received an invitation from a friend who is a school librarian in Alaska to play a new game called WORDS WITH FRIENDS.’  Frankly, I had heard nothing about it.’  So, I scurried over to the APP Store and downloaded the free version for my iPod Touch.’  I was hooked:’  Scrabble games with friends or random opponents and all online. ‘ ‘ In some schools, students are coming in to the library at lunch and other free times to challenge one another (and to challenge the librarian, too) to games.’  I currently have 5 games going concurrently and love when I get a notice that it is my turn to play the tiles.

Scrabble Board for Words with Friends
Words with Friends board
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