Smashing across the US-Online Gaming

This is a screen capture of the leaderboard for the mini exhibition held this past Saturday afternoon for SuperSmash Brothers Brawl. Ann Arbor District Library, Detroit Public Library, and ImaginOn, the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County played against each other with four teens per library. Columbus Metropolitan was going to play as well but the wifi connection was cutting out. Continue reading

Program Planning 2: Online Brawl Tournaments

This is a cell phone picture my colleague took of the screen for Super Smash Brothers Brawl (SSBB) when we were testing the wireless connection with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh for our online tournament on August 22. As Joseph Wilk’s previous post indicated, we have gone through process to find out how the connection works and to test run it before the actual event. Though I have to admit, when we did make connection at our libraries, it felt a bit like touching down on the moon.

The LAN adapter for my library arrived in the mail the other week and I have a lot more confidence that the connection will work better than the laggy wireless. Continue reading