Book TV for Teens…on the Web (where else?)

As chair of the YALSA-TV Task Force I’m often asked, what exactly is YALSA-TV? A great question, and one that our task force is trying to answer. It’s our charge to present to the YALSA Board a fully-outlined proposal to’  create and facilitate a web-based, book-focused, video site for teens. Like YouTube, but all about books (for now, anyway!).

Right now, the idea is like Play-doh: we sculpt it into one form, then change it into another. Many factors will be determined by cost, ease of use, and appeal to teens. We are really excited about this venture and hope that you will be, too. Continue reading

Free Anime/TV Online & It’s Legal now has a channel where anime fans can watch Naruto, Death Note, and Mushi-shi free, legally online.’ ‘ If you see someone on the internet terminals watching these shows on YouTube or other websites you can share this legal way of watching the shows.

I’m a fan of Linda Braun mentioned it previously when it was still in Beta. Over the past year Hulu has grown, as have the minds of many studio executives. Hulu has worked with studios to allow anyone to watch TV episodes and movies online for free. Some of the studios limit the license to the three most recent episodes, meaning older episodes are not always available, but over all, I’m fond of this service and what it means for the future of entertainment. Continue reading