Blog Post Round-Up: Partnership

Blog post round-up is a series of posts that pull from the great YALSAblog archive. The topics have been requested by YALSA members. Have an idea for a topic? Post it in the comments.

Community Partnerships:

Teen Programming: Building Teen Futures with Community Partnerships

30 Days of Teen Programming: Develop Rich, Mutually Beneficial Community Partnerships

30 Days of Teen Programming: Develop Partnerships Part 2

Adventures in Outreach: Micro Partnerships & Equity

Connect, Create, Collaborate: The Next Big Thing with Partnerships

School Library Partnerships:

Let it Go … The End of a Partnership

Partnership Profile: Library Linx

Connect Create Collaborate : My Non-Library World World

I love being part of the library world. It’s such a great opportunity to talk with fellow YALSA members about what they are reading, what they are doing in their libraries, to discover ways libraries are using technology to build audiences, to see how missions and functions shift, and so much more.

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