30 Days of Back to School: Learning From Research

Research is a term that can be scary to a lot of people. For teens it might bring on fears of having to complete a research paper for which the process might not be well understood and therefore isn’t easy to complete. For adults it might seem that reading research reports is a boring and perhaps even an incomprehensible task. But, even though research can send shivers up one’s spine, reading current research can be really useful in helping understand how to best support teens in a community.

A few days ago the Pew Research Center for People and the Press released a report on news consumption. While on the surface this report might not seem like it has a connection to teen librarians, reading the report one learns that it does. The information in the report can help librarians serving the age group understand where teens get their news. This information can lead to understanding how and what type of new sources the library should provide for teens. Continue reading

Care/Don’t Care

Yesterday Twitter (and the web in general) was abuzz with news and reports related to technology, and in particular young people and technology. Was all the news worth paying attention to? Was all the news care-worthy? Here are some thoughts:

Care: Reputation Management and Social Media
The Pew Internet in American Life Project released a report about reputation management and social media. The focus of the report is on how people, of all ages, manage what others know about them through social network environments. Continue reading

C’est la Vie

The most recent On the Media (OTM) broadcast includes a segment called The Net Effect. That segment is worth listening to. What is also worth listening to is the audio file on the OTM web site which is the uncut version of OTM host Brooke Gladstone’s interview with Pew Internet in American Life Director Lee Rainie. You can listen to that file right from this blog post. Liisten

Rainie has been present at many library and education events as keynote speaker. As a result, many librarians and teachers have had the chance to hear what he has to say about technology in the lives of Americans and its impact on educational institutions. However, even if you have heard Rainie before, this interview is worth listening to in order to hear him discuss the impact of technology in a broad context. Continue reading