Listen and Watch the 2008 slate of candidates

Free Image Hosting at YALSA candidates running for President elect, Secretary, Fiscal Officer, and Board member positions as well as those running for ALA President (to find out their take on YA issues), were recently audio or video recorded in order for YALSA members to get to know the candidates in other ways. Start with the introductory podcast to what the recordings are about and how they are organized. Don’t miss the podcasts of the ALA presidential candidates with their take on young adult issues here and here. The video casts can be found on Blip tv, specifically here.

Enjoy! If you’re interested in podcasting the candidates next year, new ideas and new people are always welcome.

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Positive Use of Social Networking #8-Empowerment

During October a small group of YALSA bloggers are posting ideas and information about positive uses of social networking tools in schools and libraries. Here’s positive use #8.

Robbie Trencheny is 14 years old. He is the president and CEO of the Teen Podcasters Network (TPN).

Check out his video interview here. Since Robbie’s interview which took place at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo during the end of September, in Ontario, TPN reached its highest ever peak of visits in one day-349.

Self-assured Robbie might be the youngest CEO in history according to the news interviewer. Social networking has tremendous power to build developmental assets for teens.

Robbie has Family Support since his mother drives him to conferences such as the Podcast and Portable Media Expo. He is Empowered, to provide a service for a large community of teens and they Value his contributions by viewing the site and contributing their own podcasts. He seems to have positive Adult role models because of his mother’s support and the way he conducts his company. He has Responsibilities and a Sense of Purpose in maintaining the network.

As libraries, we have great opportunities to help teens build assets through social networking. Podcasting does not have to take a lot of expensive equipment. Let teens promote programs and what is going on in the local community through podcasts. The Cheshire Public Library in CT does a great job of encouraging teen leadership through podcasting by having their own cultural magazine. If DOPA is passed, the opportunity for libraries to build developmental assets for teens through social networking, will be diminished and we won’t be giving them the best services which is what teens deserve.

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Sharing stories under the stars

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I had the pleasure of dining this week with Michael Stephens and Michael Casey, along with other staff from my library, including, Helene Blowers, the tech goddess that organized their visit. I mention dinner not because I learned that Michael ordered stacked brie and tomatoes and scallops with lettuce on the side (wait until the tabloids get a hold of that one!) but because we shared our stories. Our stories about technology and how we use it to create and redefine relationships (idea shared: ask people to bring their laptops or provide computers to have a digital scrapbooking get together), what libraries are considered innovators (Michael S. mentioned Cherry Hill Public Library in New Jersey for ripping their entire music collection into iTunes), and what we can do as a large library system to embrace Library 2.0. (check out:

What resonated most about Library 2.0 to me is it’s relationship to DOPA and the affect it will have on the culture that many of us try to create for teens in our libraries. It’s not all about having the coolest and biggest technology available, but the relationships that are possible as a result of these technologies. It’s about our stories and their stories and how developmental needs are fostered through what Library 2.0 allows.

Library 2.0 / Developmental assets:
a culture of trust / positive values
self correcting / empowerment
participation and play / constructive use of time
transparency/boundaries and expectations
collaboration / support

Those are only a few. There’s so many more.

A story to share-we had a drop-in podcasting session at our library yesterday. The teens wanted to upload their recording to their MySpace page. I helped them and got to know them a bit more and they agreed to have their recordings on our library site as well. What are your stories with social networking? The discussion board on the YALSA wiki is a great place to share-because that’s what DOPA is really going to effect-and how dare it.

By the way, Michael S., if you’re reading this-you owe me a round (or two) of DDR.


Learn Out Loud has educational audio book and podcast content. Last week, one of their free downloads was an audio tour of Rockerfeller Center and the Diamond District in NYC. Is anyone else offering audio tours of their library?

This would be a great project for teens (especially for that Teen Advisory Board you recruited last week!). Instead of busywork – cutting out story time crafts or dusting shelves – it’s an opportunity to create something of use that will help other patrons.

For a list of other libraries doing podcasting, check out the Library Success: Best Practices Wiki at If your library is doing something cool and replicable, join and contribute! For podcasting, look under Technology.

New to podcasting? Check out the presentations from the Podcast Academy at Boston University last weekend: two days about equipment, marketing, and how-to’s of making your own audio files that can be sent as attachments with RSS. This amazing resource has the video from ALL of the speakers, plus their powerpoint presentations:

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