A Month in the Life of a YALSA President

In late July, a second round of A Day in the Life of a Library, launched. As I read posts librarians wrote for this project about how they spend their days as librarians, I started thinking how I spend my time as YALSA President. And, while it’s not a 9 to 5 job as is that of many librarians, it is something that I spend at least a bit of time on every day. I thought to myself, what about a blog post on a month in the life of a YALSA President?

It’s just over a month since I took on the job of YALSA President, and I can’t quite believe both that it’s been that long and all the conversations I’ve had about YALSA with a variety of people in that time. Don’t worry, this post isn’t going to go through every day of my first month as YALSA President, Continue reading

YALSA Endowment

As I mentioned briefly in my January President’s Report, YALSA’s new Endowment received quite a boost at the recent Midwinter meeting when several Past-Presidents led the charge at the All-Committee meeting to help us reach our $10,000 goal for creating an Endowment Fund. The response was overwhelming at that meeting and has continued in the weeks since Midwinter, too. Just to update everyone on where that fund stands, we have now surpassed that initial $10,000 goal and have received a total of $11,300 to date! The funds will go toward establishing leadership programs such as scholarships and institutes.

Thanks to all the members who have supported this effort and to so many of YALSA’s dynamic and dedicated Past-Presidents and leaders for giving our division the push and support to make the Endowment a reality. Please check the YALSA webpage and this blog for more information as we move forward on this important project in the coming months.